I have been notified by many that they have been curious about my chambers.  I am sure that if I did not live in a castle, I would be curious about it myself.  Here is a peek at what my chambers look like in the Volturi Castle.


Below is a photograph of my bed chambers.  I do not use it, so it is for cosmetic purposes only.  It is nice at times to unwind on the lofty bed, but that is really all that this room is used for. Dimly lit, a lot of warm colors, it definitely screams my name.

Welcome to my balcony.  It is not anything fancy or special.  There is not much room for furniture to be left outside of it.  But when I am in my chambers, it is nice to stand outside and overlook the hedge maze that lies outside my chamber's windows.


The next photograph was taken of my bathroom.  What I love most about my bathroom are the pillars.  On days and nights when duties are few and far apart, I am allowed time to return to my chambers and unwind.  Even though I do not need to bathe, I do enjoy lying in the jacuzzi tub with candles lit.


We have now arrived at my sitting room.  Others may call it a "living room."  I spend a lot of time here entertaining fellow Volturi.  When I am not entertaining guests, I use this room to unwind, watch the news for suspicious activity, and to read books of all genres.  I make very good use of this room.


And finally, we have arrived at my chamer's office room.  When I am assigned a duty or mission, this is where I come up with how I will approach and complete them.  A lot of brainpower goes into this room.  As with the sitting room, this room is also used a fair amount.



Finally, my pride and joy that I spend hours after duties playing with: my ebony grand piano.  My favorite song to play when I want to wind down is Moonlight Sonata.  I'm sure my family has heard me play it countless times.  It is situated in a separate room in my chambers that I simply call "my piano room." 


I truly hope you've enjoyed your tour of my chambers.  Now, if you will excuse me, I must ask you to leave for I have matters to tend to.  Have a good day.

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love your chambers and also could you tell Alec that i think that he is cute

I'm glad that you've enjoyed the tour of my chambers.  However, I will not tell my brother that he is cute for you.  He is not interested in humans nor is he interested in ever falling in love or finding "the one."  Sorry to break that to you.  I'm sure though that many girls, like yourself, will still find a way to tell him without me being the messenger.

You're chambers are amazing!\


Thank you very much, Emma.

Jane, your accommodations are lovely.


Thank you, Susan.

You are most welcome Jane.

wow i love your chambers jane  i love the piano 

Thank you, Kayla.  I love my piano as well.

Jane your chambers are very nice and way to beautiful they are very nice I did not know you played the piano maybe you could teach me sometime.

I am very glad you have a beautiful room to spend your days in when you are not busy


Jane, your accommodations are most lovely. -Athenodora

I love love your chambers I wish I had a chamber like that, but unfornately I share a room with my step sister in the attic,and we don't even get a long, when my step siblings come in certain weekends I immediately go to my grand parents house to get away from them, because they pick on me, and throughout my whole life I have been verbally bullied and physically bullied, and when I say physically bullied I mean kids push me out in front of moving vehicle, and I got lucky I was able to get out the way within seconds away from getting hit, my enemy jumped on my head of a diving board in the deep end of a pool. I was never able to stick up for myself a due to middle school my enemy was in sixth and I was in seventh, and she threw bottles at my head, and I stuck up for myself, and got expelled for sticking up for myself, because the principal said that it isonly fair to expell both of us, so ever since then I was never able to stick up for myself, it was easy to stick up for people and animals then sticking up for myself, and a girl slammed me into a locker in ninth grade, but enough of my story, you probably don't really care and pro ally don't know how fells or maybe you do. But I really love your chambers their so beautiful, I wish I had something like that.



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