Twilight themed word Scramble

We'll start off with a scrambled word the next
person will solve it and post the next scrambled word. If you have a multiple word scramble, please
put spaces so the next person knows how many words they are trying to

I'll Begin:

eavtairgen apeismvr

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Denali Clan:


Usually when I re-read these books it's just Twilight and New Moon. And I will be FOREVER bothered that the summer Bella and Edward had together will never exist story-wise. In the story it feels like it never existed - that the summer was completely skipped, and that Bella's birthday was the day after prom.

ALSO what bothered me more is that they never went a second time to the meadow?? what?? How is that possible, with the whole summer months together and Bella's love for staring at sparkly Eddy. I don't expect Meyer to detail the 2-3 months of what exactly happened that summer because I'm sure it was boring, but it's never mentioned on the side at all in the rest of the series. Idk man, is this just me? Can't get over it, someone brood with me please or maybe tell me I'm wrong and that there's something mentioned??

my issue has been solved!!





We were playing TI4 twice already and a Player won both times because the other players just gave them a free victory point at the end with one of the cards you can trade for agreements. I found that very dissatisfying, as it has nothing to do with good tactics or Diplomacy, but has more to do with likeability of the players. What are your expiriences?



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