Have you ever....

Ask the question...
Have you ever?

The next person would say whether they have or they have not...

Then they will ask Have you ever? and so on..

I'll begin -

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Have you ever had a conversation outloud in your room with a cullen who really isnt there?


Yes I have.. John DeLancey. He was wierd. :P

Yes all the time actually
No I have never met anyone famous. Have you ever stood up for your family in a bad situation where you are the peacemaker all around?
Yes I have stopped many arguments that way!!

Have you ever laughed at a situation you just felt like crying at???

Yes i have when people make jokes about my dad being in jail when it wasn't funny at all.


Have you ever hated someone but bit your tongue around someone out of respect for someone else?

When ever I'm with my stepmom.   Have you ever wised you could live in a different time?

Yes I have regreted several things I should have said or I haven't said by I reconciled after. Have you ever told a lie that you wish you could get away with but you wanted to trade it for something like telling the truth?

Yes.Telling my brother he was annoying but really i loved him to pieces (then he passed away in a car accident)... Have you ever wished something to be true when you knew it would never, EVER be true???

Yes far too many times like how I believe the 11:11 wishes to be true but too many people tell me it's not:( Have you ever had something you really wanted to do but road blocks kept you from it or you were too busy to get to it?



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