Have you ever....

Ask the question...
Have you ever?

The next person would say whether they have or they have not...

Then they will ask Have you ever? and so on..

I'll begin -

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Yes, all the time. I always have bizar dreams anyway.. even without the movie or book..


Still on dreams, asin my bizar dreams hehe, Have you ever had, what I would call a repetative dream? As in, the place, and a lot of times the situation is the same 'never any place you've actually been to' Just the people in it change?

And to answer my own, yes. I have no less then 10 different ones, more, most likely. I've actually lost count now. And sometimes the places.. in the different dreams.. combine into one. It's like a story.. it's pretty weird.. Though I am also interested in hearing what others have to say as well. Just thought I'd throw that in there.


Actually I have and it's just a weir feeling I get once I wake up, because sometimes it feels real.


Have you ever had a friend that you did anything for without ever looking back , just to have that friend betray you because of dumb rumors and lies that he or she never had the guts to talk to you about them

Yeah I remember when I first saw nightmare on elm street and that night I had a nightmare about it. Have you ever had any body say they want something, like cookies, and then you start craving something?
No I have not I wonder if it tastes good. Have you ever been cheated out on a friendship because they were not honest with you.

Yes, I have and it still hurts.


Have you ever been in love with your bestfriend but never told them because you were afraid of losing them?

Oh God Yes !!!!

Have you ever had the desire to just drop everything and just run away as far as you can without looking back?


Yes, I did during my last day as a human with the help of Master Aro.  He saved my brother and I and took us away from our village and we never really had a chance to look back.  I wouldn't want to anyway. 


Have you ever thought about joining the Volturi?  *smirks*

No I havent... Haha I think I would if Carlisle was still in it ;D haha

Have you ever 
Have you ever met anyone famous (not including twilight cast)?

Aside from Peter Facinelli, Billy Burke, Chaske Spencer and Gil Birmingham, I have met Stan Lee.



Have you ever eaten anything weird?

Weird, no. Gross, yes. Walleye. Eww. 


Have you ever wished Carlisle and the Cullens were real, but only them and then good Covens and Nomads? No Volturi. 



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