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Meet Kiy!

I'm open to anyone who wishes to RP and have an active discord for that very purpose ^^
About the Player:
I've been rping for well over 6+ years (yep we're going back to them good ole MSN Messenger days x'D ) and have at several points, even been an RP teacher.
On IMVU, I am the Carrendar Dynasty T1 Para RP fighting champion, besting players with more years experience than myself.
On the same site, I have been the ruler of the Empire of Narvoria for 5yrs and it has been the most successful rp that many have ever come across, with it only taking a hiatus due to my needing a massive break (it was impacting my ability to do any artwork on deviantart and talk to friends/family).
On the same site, I rp auditioned for a role among several Twilight based RPs but never stuck around simply due to too much inter-player fighting and drama.
Eventually I landed upon one RP (The Volturi Kingdom) and was happily accepted after watching the RP for roughly 2 months to see how the other players worked (many were quite capable RPers and could pop out replies quite quickly).
It was known for several months to the main founders of the RP who RPed the Volturi Kings, that my character was an albino wolf, a rarity even on IMVU (apparently I was an oddity x'D).
However, I became quite attached to the one King, Marcus (IMVU name was MarcusVolturi1 now inactive) and after one attempt on his life within the RP, and said attempt failing after the player's character met an untimely death at the jaws of a pissed off wolf, was first appointed as his personal guard.
Over the course of six months, a father/daughter bond formed (naturally in book/movie this is considered impossible and not likely to happen as Marcus's wife/mate is deceased but in the RP it was enjoyable to see the 'player' smile!) and afterwards, the title of "Kiyiya, Princess of the Volturi" was given.
About My Character;
Name: Kiyiya (name means 'Howling Wolf')
Human Age: 28
Wolf Age: Same as Human
D.O.B: 03/26/89
Hair Color: Reddish - Orange
Fur Color: White (Albino)
Human Eye Color: Ice Blue
Wolf Eye Color: A soft red, nearly pinkish - purple but has been reported to be a blue color on various occasions.
Human Height: 5"7
Wolf Height: 6"9 at the shoulders
Distinguishing Marks: 3 scars over the left eye, wears a silver pentagram necklace at all times.
Parentage: Unknown; it is rumored that her sire was Marcus Volturi himself but this was never proven as she can shift to a wolf and it's been deemed improbable and impossible for a vampire to sire a wolf.
Spouse: None, though it is said she has imprinted on Volturi guard Demetri though this too, has gone unproven by both parties.
Children: None
Special Abilities: Can heal others wounds via an ancient method called 'Bone Mending'. It is an ancient, near extinct practice where one uses their own energies to heal another's wounds, no matter how grievous they may be, nor how close to death they may be. She has a unique control over the elements in that she is capable of also 'Blood Bending' a very dangerous talent as this can even be used against a vampire because Venom is all that is left within them, this talent can then be considered 'Venom Bending' and can be highly painful and in severe cases....fatal. She has a profound sense of loyalty that which once given, should never be crossed nor controlled because she will find out and her wrath has been witnessed by only a select few nomads, who paid for this mistake dearly. 
Bio: Kiyiya or Kiy as she prefers to be called, was found wandering the city streets of Volterra Italy by the vampire guard Felix. Though considered rare in Italy itself, it wasn't an uncommon sight to have a wolf dog get loose from it's owners and as such, she was never considered a 'threat'. From that day on, her sightings became more common though often times, as both a human and then, as a wolf. It left the guard and their kings both curious and slightly bothered that a seemingly 'American' wolf would be in Italy and in their very city. But the order to both track her down and bring her in, was never given, as she had yet to break any of the immortal kingdom's laws.
It was on October 31, that she was found bloodied in a field just outside the city, nomadic vampires lying dead around her. A clear battle having taken place, it was quickly discovered that her primary target had seemingly been a child, who upon further inspection, was found to of been an immortal and therefore, a threat to everyone, herself included. Rather than have the guard involved (and apparently risk her own life to what she had been lead to believe were evil monsters) she dealt with the 'issue' herself only to be attacked.
It was recorded that although her injuries were quite severe in nature, she still retained enough energy to watch the guard warily and even manage to leap away from being touched during several attempts by Demetri and Felix. Now wither this was because of the rumors she'd been lead to believe, or because she feared being attacked, it was never fully confirmed but needless to say, she was allowed to remain free while a guard kept watch until she had healed enough to slip away into the surrounding forest.
It was winter when she was next spotted but this coming on the heel after Marcus, one of 3 kings of the Volturi was attacked. It was later recorded by one of the guards, that all they saw was a white blur of what seemed to be fur, before the nomad was attacked by the very wolf, they'd seen only 7 months prior. Though this was clearly not her problem, she dealt with the nomad with the same ruthlessness, she had shown those who had previously attacked her and while the other nomads circled her, she never moved from Marcus's side, even going as far as circling around him to keep the nomads away until others of the guard showed up.
Afterwards, when she couldn't be found, it was speculated that she had left the area until Demetri spotted her many miles away, in a nearby forested national park, hunting wild game. It was reported that she looked unwell and the order was then given to bring her in. This in itself, took much of the Tracker's skill as a wolf isn't an easy animal to capture and she made it near impossible for him to get anywhere near her, venturing as far as rocky ledges that not even a vampire could stand on. But it was on the tenth day, that she was finally and successfully herded into the castle's courtyard. 
What became of her, was little more than a miracle simply with Caius's quick judgement that she would turn on them, which was later proven to be unfounded. She in fact, took great joys in hanging with the twins, Jane and Alec, and tormenting Felix (who she jokingly called a 'Tall Russian Yeti' as even in human form, she was much shorter than he was) and she took great joys in staying close to Marcus's side. As for Aro or Caius, it was said she trusted them but only to a certain extent. She felt that Aro's gift was too invasive to her own personal privacy and Caius's quick temper was often enough to scare her from any room that he entered. Wither the relationship with either Aro or Caius became stronger, is unknown.

However, her bond with Marcus became so strong, that despite loosing his beloved mate, he found himself smiling whenever he would see Kiyiya. He found her spirit and free will to be refreshing and as a wolf, even at her age, she was considered a 'pup' and therefore, he considered her, to such an extent that he 'adopted' her as his own child. When this happened, it was recorded that during the second attack by yet another nomad, she risked her very life to protect all three of the kings, suffering serious, even near fatal injuries that saw them seeking Dr. Carlisle Cullen's aid in helping her recover which took several, long months.

Why does this rp interest Me?


Anything Twilight has been a big interest of mine simply because I do enjoy roleplaying, cosplaying and am a writer myself, though most of my writings are Fanfictional based. I find it fun to be able to talk to other people, get old RPs going again, and have fun while doing so and having a storyline going on. Roleplay in itself, has been an amazing escape for me, and has helped me relax after a long day as I suffer from PTSD, severe social anxiety which sadly triggers panic attacks that can vary in seriousness. So to be able to rp with a group of people, and suffer with these mental health issues, is a massive achievement that I find to be the most exciting.

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New Years Eve Toronto Ontario Canada

New Years in Toronto Ontario Canada is a big deal. In Toronto we have the familiar Canadian National Tower or CN Tower. It's home to MuchMusic Canada. Is home to the Hockey Hall of Fame. The Royal Winter Fair Grounds. And the giant (and fairly new) Skydome where the Toronto Blue Jays tend to play.

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