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At 10:42am on May 18, 2010, Lisa Collins said…

Sorry I didn't comment back. Stupid hectic lifestyle has taken over..
Well my news so far, I've been kicked outta college (I'm not gonna get into why but it's their fault) And my boyfriend broke up with me 2 weeks ago. So I've been heartbroken.
I'm bearing up now, which is why I'm writing to you, I didn't want you to think I'd forgotten you.
Never could.
Anyway, enough about me. How are things with you?!!
I've missed toy my wacky pal.

At 8:14am on March 24, 2010, Lisa Collins said…
Hey Haleigh!!

I am so pleased to have heard from you, I thought you had disappeare dor something *Laughs* We must exchange e-mails or to keep in contact if you are unable to get online. :D

So your brother is back? How did the meeting with his "friend" go? Is she nice. Tell me everything!!

College has gotten better, less hectic so I am very pleased about that.
Things with a guy have started worrying me, I need some advice. He has kinda messed me around. Well I think he's messing me around. :'(

So how are things with you?
Tell tell tell!!

At 10:15am on February 22, 2010, Lisa Collins said…

How have you been darling? I have missed you so much, I haven't been online much I know, things have been hectic with college.

What have I missed? :D

At 7:42am on February 10, 2010, Lisa Collins said…
Hey Haleigh,

How is everything with you?
I am good thanks, my Birthday was last month, I had fun. What have you been up to?

At 8:11am on December 22, 2009, Lisa Collins said…
Wow sorry about that last comment, it was a little messed up!!

Anyway, it's nice you two can stull be friends, are you going to visit him AND his new girlfriend? When are you visiting him?
I can't believe Christmas is only 3 days away!! It really doesn't feel like it does it?

So how old are you? I see I left school when I was sixteen, it's different in America isn't it? 18? I know I am so happy I have finished college for a lovely two week break!! It's my birthday in two weeks too. 8th of January.

Love, your friend,
At 9:39am on December 15, 2009, Lisa Collins said…
Hey Lisa!!
Im soooo sorry i havent been able to get on much but my computer messed up for a while but its ok now :) but everything is alright here.. ive been writing my brother alot and he says he really loves the food in the airforce which really did surprise me .. but its my brother who can eat anything what else do u expect?? *WINKS*

im excited that Christmas is almost here!!! What are your plans?? im going to visit my cousin and he boyfriend the day after .. and im also going to see my friend Michael. You remember him dont you?? I did tell you about him once.. he was my ex but he says he still loves me but i can never tell goodness sometimes i just wish i could read minds like edward!!*laughs* that would be niceee once in a while..

Anyways what have you been up to?Miss you Lisa!! Love ya bunches! ;)
your friend,

Darling Haleigh,

Ah I have missed you sooooooo much!! :D
Glad everything is good with you.
Yes, siblings eh, Can't live WITH them, can't live WITHOUT them!! *Laughs*
I can really tell you love your brother. ;D

Christmas is nealry here OH YES!!! I cannot wait either, Well I live on my own (I have my own flat) But Christmas day I am going to my mothers for a BIG family Christmas. Then New years eve I am going to a party, I cannot wait itt'l be so awesome!!! Michael, Is he the one that hurt you that time? The one that lives pretty far from you? That sounds good though, I hope you have a real fun time!!!! *Smiles*

I've been really busy at college, getting essays done and what not. But it's calmed down a lot because of Christmas coming up they are letting us have a break. (Finally!!) How is high school going?

Tell me EVERYTHING, all your plans!

Lots of love,
Your friend,
Lisa :D
At 10:39am on December 2, 2009, Lisa Collins said…
Hello Haleigh,

How are you doing?
Is everything alright.
Love Lisa.
At 11:18am on November 22, 2009, Carlisle Cullen MD said…
At 10:12am on November 12, 2009, Lisa Collins said…
Hello Haleigh!,

I was wondering where you were, i have missed talking with you too! Not been up to much really, trying to meet deadlines at college, going out with friends, studying, etc etc. What have you been up to, apart from being at your dads, any more boy troubles?

Why were you grounded from the computer. Hope you haven't been being naughty. *Laughs*

It's getting closer the opening of New Moon! It's earlier for you guys, lucky thing. I am going to see it Saturday 21st. But hey, i'm counting the days!

I want to know EVERYTHING I have missed.

Love, Your friend,
At 7:58am on October 2, 2009, Lisa Collins said…
Ah finally she respnonds! *Laughs* I'm just kidding, it has been a while though missy :P And thanks, i am back in a relationship, his name is Jake, he is lovely sweet caring, understanding, funny etc. And awww i really hope you find someone, although you have years to think about romance and boys. *Laughs*

Ah, i am so happy you found Niagra Falls exciting!!! Did you have a good time, what did you do? Paris?! You lucky thing, i have been to Paris twice, it is lovely there, but you should take a dictionary with you, to translate *Laughs* England is lovely but i bet America is even better.

To be honest darling, if friends are being nasty then they are not friends, I had one like that, always telling me what to do, how to dress what to say etc, I got so sick of her i had to let her go, it was like she wanted to control. No thanks i am myself.

She has the page back up, but i get the feeling she has been replaced she doesn't type like she used to, which is a shame *Smiles sadly* :(

Hope you having fun, and looking forward to your weekend, got much planned?!

Your Friend,
At 10:21am on September 15, 2009, Lisa Collins said…
I am so happy that your family problems are getting sorted, and you’re right, it’s about time!!! Laughs* Things are brilliant with me darling, I have been very happy these last few weeks. I have had some boy trouble and basically my boyfriend ben and me are not together anymore. I started liking this other guy but he messed me around too much. So there isn’t a lot I can do. Which sucks!

Oh I hope you had an ace time at Niagara Falls!!! I would love to go to America some day I think I would really love it! I really want to study up there in the future when I have finished college! Or a road trip around America. Oh I am sorry to hear you don’t get along with your parents, your young, young people always fall out with their parents. But at least you have your sister to turn to when you need to talk.

Oh is Bella’s profile back up, I went to comment on her profile and it said it had been deleted hers and Edwards I was very hurt and confused! Yes I have missed lots and lots too. I better catch up too hahaha.

Your friend,
At 3:49pm on September 8, 2009, Lisa Collins said…
Hello Haleigh,
How are you doing darling? I have been very busy, haven't had a chance to get on here much *smiles sadly* How are things with that boy. Did you contact the police? You really ought to!

I have missed you so much! :D

Your friend,
At 5:41am on August 28, 2009, Lisa Collins said…
Oh hales, I have missed you too, so very much you are very dear to me *smiles*

Oh I know all about friends, is she very pushy at times? Don’t let guys ruin your life. Oh my god! WHAT! DID YOU PHONE THE POLICE? WHAT EXACTLY DID HE DO? That is disgusting hales, I am so sorry, are you alright? It seems as if you are having a patch of bad luck like I was last week. But I am pleased that slowly it is starting to heal *smiles* Yes I am happy that I am back so that we can chat, I have missed you dearly!

You are such a sweetie.

I have been brilliant thank you, and no, I am not back at school, I don’t go back to college for another 2 weeks. It really is different in England isn’t it?

How are things now?

Hope they are better

Your friend,
At 10:25am on August 27, 2009, Lisa Collins said…
Hey hales!

I am so sorry I haven’t replied again, been very busy, and this time its good news instead of bad. The past week has just been soooo hectic! I have been to three gigs and been shopping at least 4 times, who knew? Usually I hate shopping (I’m sorta like Bella ha-ha) But me and my friends have been 3 times last week! It was great fun, got some awesome dresses.

Anyway I am soo happy that you have just been getting on and not letting guys get in your way. They really aren’t worth the trouble. The amount of times I have had headaches thinking about guys is just pathetic! I am so happy that I am now in a stable and loving relationship.

How have you been since our last chat? Any cool stuff happening with you? Get back to me sharpish missy *laughs*.

Your friend,
At 9:47am on August 20, 2009, Lisa Collins said…
Good, you have plenty of time for guys in the future, concentrate on your studies etc, laughs

Oh I am so sorry that you couldn’t make it either, neither did I! I was so upset, but there will be other events on so I needn’t worry too much. Is your summer finished now? Wow ours is still occurring we get 7 weeks off, how many do you get off? Ah she sounds like a right laugh lol, tell her I said hi *laughs Oh hope you do well on your test!

Just the usual really, I have been helping a family member out, and was rewarded with some money so I have been shopping for new clothes and stuff. What have you been doing besides school? I missed you too!!!!

At 10:06am on August 18, 2009, Lisa Collins said…
Oh haleigh!

I am so sorry to hear about that! What a jerk guys can be at times hmmm ? I can't believe he just let tha skank say those things to you, if he said that he loved you he wouldn't have treat you like that. I think yeah defonitley get over him, he is an obvious loser, on the other hand guys can be dumb, it takes them a while to see what is right in front of them, But don't hang on, you are your own person.

Well what do you think of this new guy? If you like him why wait? I mean yes, you do need time to get over michael, or d**k head as i call him now. But seriously if you like this guy and he likes you then go for it!

I can't believe i missed prom! :O Did you go?

Get back to me darling

Love, your friend
At 10:42am on August 13, 2009, Lisa Collins said…

Again i am sorry for taking so long to reply, been very busy again, my grandad has been ill for some time, he had a funny turn and was took into hospital, he is getting better now though, he is back home and doing real good which i am very pleased about *smiles*

Oh, glad you had a great time at the beach, it seems as if our friend michael still has a crush on you if he can't stop thinking about you :D What are you going to do? Has anything happend between you two since?

How are you darling, have you had any new occourances in time time of my demise?

Love your friend,
At 10:30am on August 5, 2009, Lisa Collins said…
Hello haleigh,
I am so sorry i have not contacted you sooner, i haven't been online, my grandad got out of hospital a few days ago so i have been helping him settl back into his home. Have you found a dress yet?

How did your time at the beach go?

Love lisa
At 12:32pm on July 31, 2009, Lisa Collins said…
I am so excited about pprom, i hope i can make it because i have found my dress, all depends on if my pc lets me on the chat really :/

I will be going to see a band and stuff maybe a little party as well notmuch to be honest *smiles*

Letme know if you find a dress, or if you need help finding one, i'll be more than happy to assist you!

Love your friend,
At 4:53am on July 31, 2009, Lisa Collins said…
I am happy that you are happy thats all that matters dear *smiles*

Yes it is such a shame that BOTH of us have family troubles, but hopefully it will all die down, don't want to be depressed for prom!

Yes my dress is in the discussions you should have a look, i am choosing the green hehe

Found a dress yet?
Your friends lisa
P.S How is everything?


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