Been here in La Push my whole life but seems as I get older, Im getting less and less tolerant of being cold. Used to be we went swimming in 30 degree temperatures. 80 degrees still isnt warm enough to get this old man into the drink. I was just out back grabbing some wood and heard a bunch of kids talking as they were walking by. They are heading to the cliffs to go diving.  It's cold, they aren't part of the pack either. They're just crazy! 

It's a nice quiet day here, just me and Aerie. She's full of wisdom at this age and loves her blocks. She builds and builds and then looks at me, "Ok, Papa Knock 'em down!" and she laughs and laughs! I love these lazy days.  I wish Tiff was here but I know she has to work a lot of our weekend days so it's just Aerie and me.   Aerie loves music. She concentrates best when music is playing. I was fiddling with the guitar earlier playing some chords and she was humming along making up her own words. I think we have a song writer in the making!  She was on her belly on the floor with her colors, as she calls crayons, making a picture for Mama. She was humming and making up lyrics as she colored. I think she was telling the story of her picture but as for most little ones her age.. 2 year olds aren't the most easy to understand. 

It's almost lunchtime. Aerie LOVES sunflower butter and jelly sandwiches.  What she loves even more than eating them is making them and by that I mean making a mess. A mess that even an army couldn't make in a single day, she seems to make in 10 minutes time. Last time we made sandwiches there was jelly on the curtains, ceiling and in my hair..........

Life is good. Life is real good

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