I've been away from Denali for the past couple of months. Sometimes, you just have to get away and recharge. Since my kind doesn't sleep, it is the best way to rid ourselves of our demons. Katie was with me for awhile, but then she had things to do, so she returned, while I stayed behind.

I spent the past few months tucked away in the mountains of Japan after acquiring an abandoned temple and turning it into a home. It is remote and the wildlife is plentiful. It is places like that where I truly feel at peace. When I am at places where I feel inspired, I can focus on Katie, photography and writing as our kind likes to be creative. 

The story behind structure is that it was a Buddhist temple up until the 1800s, when the monks residing here as well as many in the town not far from here were taken by tuberculosis. The building itself  is hundreds of years old. It didn't take much to turn it into a home as it still has much of the original architecture. It is as peaceful as they come.

What made Kate and I decide on Japan was specifically, the remote location of this place and it does get its fair share of rain and snow and also the beautiful landscape. This is definitely our "hideaway place". Everyone, especially our kind, should have a place like that.

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Comment by Garrett Frasier on April 20, 2016 at 7:32pm

Thank you doll. The area is beautiful and has its own lake. I'll share pictures soon.

Comment by Stacey on April 20, 2016 at 4:54pm

Konnichiwa Garrett. Japan is very beautiful.. a great choice for a getaway. The perfect place to find zen and recharge for you both. Congrats on your new home away from home.


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