I remember back in March when I was living in Port Angeles, Mark and I used to talk for hours at a time. We spent lots of time getting to know each other. One day, he was in one of his thoughtful moods. When he’s that way, he tends to ask deep thought questions. We were sitting in the living room that night talking about girls when he asked me “have you ever wondered how the right kind of girl would be for you?”

I have to admit, he caught me off guard on that one… It’s a subject I tend to avoid as much as I can for obvious reasons. Having that question asked to me by someone who’s unaware of who I am, I couldn’t really dodge it like I usually do and that left me uneasy. How would I tell him that I want the right girl to accept my shape shifting side without freaking out? Of course, I was able to tell him about the other things I could see in her. I’d want her to be respectful of others of course, but also most importantly, for her to adapt well to the traditions of our tribe if she’s from the outside. I could see her taking care of the kids as if they were her own, her kindness towards others unlike anything seen. I know the right person for me will support what I do gladly and will be there for me in hard times, cheering me up when sad or even just be there after a long time out and being exhausted.

I wondered what Mark was thinking when I was telling him about all this, I knew I had that look that showed how I sometimes wish she was here already. I know however that you can’t search for true love too much. If you try too hard, it escapes you as much as if you don’t search at all. I know she’ll come to me when the time is right, and at that time, I’ll be greatly happy and ready to have the family I think of having someday. We didn’t talk much more again that night, except joke around on the movie we were both watching. We knew our roommate would be back soon and it was more of a conversation I didn’t feel too at ease telling her about. I do know however that whoever the right girl is, both my roommates will be happy for me when she comes.

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Comment by Kira Calteara on November 22, 2010 at 7:40pm
Whoever your girl ends up being will be a remarkable and lucky young lady. Good luck.


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