//This is what went through my mind following my visit with Charles's sister, Sienna.//

Perhaps traveling to Denmark was not the wisest choice. Then again, it completely opened my eyes up to the underlying issues that resided between Charles and myself. Charles avoided the topic of Denmark for decades. Any time I brought up visiting, he would shoot down the idea. Part of me understood his reasons. His family did not know about vampires or our world, and he would not be able to stay with them for long without them discovering his secret. This was one of the things we discussed during the three years that I was a vampire and he was a human. I told him every pro and con to becoming a creature of the night. Despite everything, his devotion to me was strong enough for him to join me in our immortal life.


Charles and I went through his family home and found that all traces of his existence were gone. I sat down and interviewed his great nephew, not letting him know my true identity as his great uncle’s mate. He informed me that his great grandparents only had two children. Joseph had no idea that Charles even existed. When Charles left the family and chose to spend eternity with me, his father disowned him and convinced the rest of the family to disown him as well. No one knew Charles existed, just like his father wanted. When Charles chose to live his life with me, neither of us had any idea that his father would disown him. I never realized how much it affected Charles emotionally that his entire family disowned him. Although Charles chose to become a vampire and spend eternity with me, part of me felt guilty. It was all my fault.


Luca gave me a choice when I met Charles to stay a human. I had already promised my life to Luca and that I would become a vampire to protect the family line. If I decided to not become a vampire, I would have lived a short human life with Charles. We would have gone back to Denmark and I would have met his family. His father would have argued with him, trying to convince him that I was a distraction from his career in law. We may have argued if he believed his father, but I know we would have ended up together. Sienna and I would have become close friends, almost like sisters. We would have lived a happy life together as humans. Instead, I chose to become a vampire, thus putting everything into motion.


Although Charles was only angry with me for pushing all of this on him, perhaps he was right when he said it was my fault… But no. Charles chose to be with me. I warned him what might happen when he became a vampire and yet he chose to be with me anyway. That had nothing to do with me, it was his decision and his choice. Plus, he could have kept in touch with his family more. That had nothing to do with me. Perhaps pushing him to do this was a good decision. He needed to be pushed. Charles hid all of these emotions for decades and they followed behind him like a dark storm cloud. Now he can move on and live his life with me…

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