The nearest thing to heaven is a child

“I sustain myself with the love of family.”
Maya Angelou

(Just over three months ago)

As we finally left the Zoomazium, the boys were wound up and ready to see the animals in the tropical rain forest section. Kat and Mama were immediately taken in by the lemurs and the colobus monkeys. Daddy and Chuck were drawn in the gorilla and the kids and I were back staring at the jaguar. Chuck, Daddy and I took the boys into the dome where the snakes and frogs were. The poison dart frogs were so colorful and it was hard to explain to the boys that even though they are pretty they can be deadly. Chuck was trying really hard to get his point across then I chimed in with “like your mommy” and I think he and Daddy wanted to lay me out, but the boys found it rather funny. At that point I figured it best I focus on the ocelots and other birds while the boys followed Daddy over to the anaconda. I wasn’t surprised when Chuck walked by me and casually punched my arm, of course he was grinning as he did it. He knows first hand just how deadly my sister can be.

After the dragging the kids away from the snakes we went back out and met up with Mama and Kat. The boys were smart enough not to tell their mother what I said. Dodged that bullet. Kat reminded us that the zoo was only open for another hour and a half so we moved on to the next area, luckily the last area. The temperate forest is the closest climate to what we live in here in Washington. We saw tons of birds, the boys liked the flamingos and kept standing on one foot to imitate them.  Kat fell in love with the swans.  Mama liked the red pandas. Daddy, Chuck and I got the experience of taking the kids to bug world. Mama and Kat weren’t going anywhere there were “spiders.” So just us guys went to see the beetles, scorpions and best of all the tarantulas. There were so many insects, bugs and so on that it took us a bit to get through there. When we came out Mama and Kat were relaxing on a bench with some fruit drinks. Glad to say this time the boys didn’t make any kind of mess, but they both quickly polished off the juice and were ready to roll the family farm.

The family farm is like a huge petting zoo of sorts. The boys really enjoyed petting the cows and sheep. Only Andrew was brave enough to pet the pig, but neither one would go near the goat. For some reason they thought the horns would get them. There were chickens and even a donkey. It was a great way for the boys to end the day at the zoo. Well the zoo part anyway. Mama and Daddy decided to take the boys into the store and a few stuffed animals later, we were on our way out. I was carrying Jimmy and it wasn’t long before he fell asleep in my arms. I helped get the boys settled in Chuck’s car and we all agreed to meet back at their house. When I got to my truck I found both my parents asleep, even though Daddy claims he was just “resting his eyes.” Once back at my sister’s we spent relaxed a bit and ordered Chinese delivery. It was a very good day with family and reminded me again of what is really important.

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Comment by Carlisle Cullen MD on April 20, 2015 at 7:05am

This is a perfect reminder of just how important family is. 


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