I am going to be honest and say that the war tore me from my family. They came to get me the day after Christmas. Two soldiers came to my door as my wife and I were arranging the funeral for our youngest child, which I did not get to attend. All of the sadness and anger I felt, I took out on the battlefield. It wasn't my decision to go and fight, but it was my duty.

War changes you. Things you never thought you could ever do, you end up having to do. I wasn't raised a violent person. In fact, my father liked us to stay out of conflict. When fighting in war, you get a sense of pride in what you are fighting for. I loved my family, so I had to fight for their freedom. I loved my country, so I had to fight for it's freedom. I don't think this country would have the freedoms it has today if it wasn't for our actions in the Revolutionary War. Often, I hear people complaining about the country going backwards in time, instead of forward. If only these people had seen what it was like back in my time. Only then, will they realize how far as a country, we have come.

Carlisle and Jasper are two friends of mine that have been on the front lines of a historical war in this country. I'm sure they also have first hand experiences. War happens for a reason. The world would be nowhere if there were no conflicts. Everything would be at a stand still, because without war, change doesn't come so easily. Not that I advocate violence. If there was an easy way to progress, I'd much prefer that route. I do not like to see suffering. I have decided that I will never again take an innocent life again. The war had casualties and I'll be honest and say that so does vampire life. Since meeting the Denali coven and becoming a member of their family, I made an oath not to harm another innocent person ever again. So, I believe war is necessary and I will fight if it is necessary, because I am very vocal about standup up for what I believe in, but I will also protect the innocent.

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