Storytime: My Most Embarrassing Moment

From age 7-13, I would go to summer camp for 4 weeks at Camp Namanu, in Oregon. It was something I looked forward to every year and was a chance to reunite with friends I had since year one. The camp had a lot to offer. We went canoeing, hiking, fishing, zip lining and we would do crafts and gather around the campfire nightly and listen to stories. 

During my last summer there, there was a dance near the end of the last week which acted as a farewell party and it was for the 11 year olds and up campers. 

Of course, I had my crushes there. Some of the boys had been going there for as long as I have. One of them was a boy named Jonathan. He asked me to the dance much to my surprise. I accepted, though I really didn't know how to dance and I was shy. 

The night of the dance, I got dressed in my nice outfit and put on these shoes that I did not have a chance to break in, so I was not used to wearing them and besides, they were also high heels. For those who don't know me, I am 5'10 now and while I wasn't that tall back then, I was still tall for my age, but the shoes looked amazing, so I had to have them, so my mom bought them for me while we were shopping for camp.

I met Jonathan at the dance. Everything was going great until we actually started dancing. It was pretty crowded, so we were dancing a little bit to close to the refreshment table when I lost my balance and smacked into the refreshment table, taking the punch bowl down with me. There I was, on the ground, covered in red punch from head to toe in front of everyone. All the kids laughed, including Jonathan and I am pretty sure the adults did too.

Thankfully it would be my last year going, but the last few days of camp, were unbearably awkward. I tried to avoid people as much as possible. 

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