Sometimes all we need is a sign to lead us to our destiny. The sign can come from anywhere and be anything, it just needs to be recognized and followed for what it is.  I received one such sign in early 1651, just a few months before I found my Liam…..

Early Spring 1651

I do not know how long I have been walking today, but I find myself in a desert of sorts just north of the Caspian Sea. I so enjoy this part of Europe, and I am finding it rather odd that I have never found this particular desert. Tis beautiful in its own way, I suppose, if one likes brown. I prefer the beautiful green of Ireland to be honest, and the mist that never quite seems to go away. I sigh as I begin to walk towards the west and back towards Ireland. I wonder if tis my desire to go home that is leading me in this direction.  

Lifting my long skirt so I can step over a small depression, I lose my footing and almost end up on my backside. With the speed I have long taken for granted, I am able to stop myself from falling. I laugh a little at myself as I stand and continue to move a bit more gracefully through the sand.

As I come to a boulder, I decide to sit even though I am not tired. I do not smell any humans close by so I am fine to be out in the sunlight. I lift my hand and watch how it sparkles in the sun.  The lower the sun sinks, the more I wish I were watching it from the cliffs of Ireland. I stand again and continue my trek to the west. As I come to the rise of the next hill, I see it.  The rays of the sun are reflecting off the sand and it is creating the most amazing sight I have ever seen. I stand and I take a step towards the west, and then another as I walk towards the amazing sight. Tis then that I realize what is truly happening…tis a sign calling me back…back to Ireland and to my destiny. 

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Comment by Liam Donnelly on February 27, 2017 at 10:26am

I be verra glad ye came back, luv.


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