The first time i meet Charly and Kenna and they are so sweet and nice!!

I walked into Charly's place alone cuz I saw that they were leaving to go to swim at her pool. I figured that i would drop by later so i did.

Anyways I walked in and asked Kenna if I could sit by her and she said yes. We were sitting at the edge of the pool when Katie walked in. I told her to come sit by me and so she did. We talked for a while about different stuff.

After a while I let go of the ledge that i was holding on to. I lost my balence and fell into the pool and when I finally came up Kenna offered to help me up. Kenna pulled me up and I held on to Katie cuz I was still dizzy and couldnt get my balence yet. Kenna kept a hold of me to make sure i had my balence before she let go.

Morgan kept yelling Kenna's name and she let go and I still didnt have my balence. I ended up falling back in the pool and I pulled Katie in with me. When we both got to the serface Katie helpe me up and I just layed down by the pool cuz I was exausted.

Charly, a little bit after all of that happened, she asked me if I was alright. I told her that kindof. That was because I hit my head twice on the bottom of the pool and I was tired.

Peter came in and greeted us all and noticed me. He asked me if i need to sleep. I didnt answer. Later I told Peter that I knew i needed to sleep, but I didn't have a ride home. He asked me how i got there and I told him that i walked.

Charly told me that if I needed a ride that she would give me a ride. She gave me a ride home and Katie stayed the night at my house. It was SO FUN!!!!

I hope to do that again!!

Thank you Charly and Kenna!!

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Comment by Erin ~Hockey Princess~ Gates on July 19, 2010 at 12:50pm
YES!!! They are both so Nice and Sweet and Caring!!


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