Fools. The lot of them are simply fools as no other explanation exists for their behaviour. How dare they come into my home and attempt to deceive me in front of my Masters? How dare they even attempt such? I, for the life of me, shall never understand such motivation for I understand the consequences of such actions. I remain outraged and insulted despite the fact that those who attempted such have been dealt with quite harshly. I shall explain.

As many may remember, Afton and I have recently returned from an extended trip to Romania and the surrounding area. My husband was born in that region and he took great delight in showing me the various places of his youth and I took even greater delight in him. When we returned, we were both in extremely high spirits for who would not be after spending such time with Afton? After a few playful romps in our chambers, which in all honesty are none of your concern, the time came to return to our individual duties. Although I enjoy my duties immensely, I enjoy Afton so much more and it was with a sigh that we left our bed and then our chambers.

Once in the throne room I was advised that a rather small coven of Nomadic vampires had been causing havoc throughout Central Europe. Despite one warning, which the coven was extremely fortunate to have received, two of the members insisted upon being seen in public and shirtless no less. The visual created by that thought nearly caused me to break out into laughter as they considered themselves to be, shall we say, attractive. The humorous portion of this was that they would never come close to achieving the perfection attained by my Darling Afton, yet they claimed to. The two men were dispatched quickly for their arrogance, which left the male and female to contend with.

No doubt exists that the bonds between the two were strong, and at first I had little reason to doubt their claim to be mates. I was at fault for not questioning them further, however I could see the pale golden threads of romantic bonds and at first I did not bother. As I stood listening to the proceedings, something about the manner in which the bonds were constructed began to bother me, for the longer I searched for the glittering golden bonds of true mates the more it became obvious such a bond did not exist. I kept this information to myself as the Masters continued to question the two, and the two maintained not only the false innocence of their misdeeds, but the assertion that they were mates. When the time came for my participation in the proceedings, I was able to break the bonds which existed between the two with more ease than I anticipated. I was able to turn to my Master and smile in triumph as the results of my handiwork became apparent.

The two turned on each other much like two rabid dogs would over a piece of rancid meat, and it was allowed to continue for a few moments whilst we watched the spectacle. Master Caius soon became bored with the tediousness of their arguments, and after their sentence was announced justice was delivered swiftly. I must say I delighted in their punishment, however it would have been much more enjoyable had I been able to watch Afton assist in the final outcome. 

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Comment by Afton Livianis on February 27, 2017 at 9:14am

Darling, would that I could have been there to assist. However, the Masters had other duties for me.


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