"My patience is eternal and my will is absolute"

"My patience is eternal and my will is absolute"

It stands out to me because it's the best way to describe myself in one sentence.

W/A. It's about the last few moments I resided with the Volturi.

"My patience is eternal and my will is absolute." I said facing Aro as he, once again asked me to join the Volturi
"Come now, Carlisle why do you repeatedly resist that which you know you want?" Aro said, walking slowly around the chair on which I was seated.
I glanced up, half smirking, "It is not a decision that has any room for change, Aro" I said, eyes locked on his as he continued to circle the chair.
"I think there's plenty of room for change" he said, hands on the arms of the chair, his face but an inch from my own.
"Never." I whispered, clearing my throat "Though I do appreciate your hospitality, it's been an incredible learning experience."
"Oh yes, yes indeed it has" Aro stated, straightening up bringing his fist to his lips in thought. "Tell me, what can we do to change your mind?" He said, slowly gliding to his chair.
I stood up, straightened my waist coat and stated clearly, "My decision is final, I will be leaving today." I turned, respectfully nodding at Caius and Marcus. "I leave with the purest of intentions, you'll have no cause to worry, I will uphold the laws. You have my word" I nodded and left the room, returning silently to my chambers.
I packed the few things I owned & took a final look around the room. I knew my decision was concrete when I stepped onto the hallway with not the slightest desire to look back. My time with the Volturi had come to an end. It was time to move forward.
I met up with Eleazar in the hallway, we shook hands, exchanged a few words and parted ways. I knew I would see him again, sooner than later. I walked through the gate. I learned a lot during my time with the Volturi, I was grateful for their hospitality and acceptance of my differences, even though they never stopped trying to 'introduce me' to their ways. I left the castle with a purpose. I knew what I wanted and what I needed and was then ready to embrace it.

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Comment by Sarah W on May 1, 2011 at 6:47pm

It's like the ending of a great book. You didn't look back in the pages, because you were settled on, and knew the challenges of what you wished to attain. You had written the first few years of your eternal life, and set forth to gather some more ink for the blank pages in your book of life. In the moment that you decided to leave the first chapter of your life, you decided to open the door, and make something of yourself! I love you to death, Papa Cullen! (te he)


Weirdo Sarah


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