Volterra in the summer, olive trees scent the horizon as tourists voices ring in
the air. I sit in my chamber, looking thru the lead glass pane, contemplating my
very existence. People pass below, winding through the gardens. Some will live
to see another sunrise, some won't even live to see tonight's sunset as Heidi
slithers through the maze, hand picking the first course for dinner tonight.
My presence is always requested for meals and I oblige, though I have never
partaken. I know that Aro thinks that one day curiosity or bloodlust will take
me over but I am strong, my will is absolute.
Screams flood down through the sound tight stone corridors. I look away as they
feed, clenching my fists, gritting my teeth, wanting to run far away into the
deep, secluded forest yet something keeps me here... something I can't explain,
something I can't quite figure out.
Mealtime is rather quick, I ask to be excused as Aro smirking, watches me slink
out the door, down the hall back to my chamber. Upon entering, I spot a leather
bound book on my desk. I pick it up, smelling the newness of the leather,
feeling the soft, textured parchment. It's Blank. A small note falls out as I
flip through the pages.
"Carlisle, for your anecdotes - Chelsea"
A smile crosses my face. She's one reason I stay here, her heart warms me. Yes I
know how cliche for me to speak of hearts. I know that ours are now still but we
still feel emotion that wells from the very spot that once beat.



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