While searching for some antique picture frames for some of my photos, I stumbled upon an old marionette. For some they are the stuff of nightmares, but for someone like me, they are mementos. This particular marionette was behind a glass case and appeared to be from the 1700s, but maybe it was a reproduction, but none the less, it brought me back.

My father returned from a long stay in Europe when I was a young boy. He was a farmer, but also a merchant, so he went on a once in a life time journey to Europe in order to sell animal hides for parchment. Back then it took two months to sail from Europe to the Americas, so he was gone for half the year. 

When he returned, he presented me and my siblings with marionettes from Italy. We would put on little puppet shows with them. It was our way of entertaining ourselves and each other as this was way before video games.

I remember we made up this hilarious story about a Duchess and a cat, but I cannot recall the exact story, but it also involved King George the 2nd. Political Satire was around way before Saturday Night Live and us children could have had our own show had we had television back then. We were too smart for our own good.

I held onto both of mine and passed them down to my children to play with. Thomas wasn’t really too keen on them, but Mary loved them. I remember sitting down to play with her. She was a character and probably one of the most creative people I knew as she was always making up stories. That will be one of my fondest memories that I hope I never forget. Mary and I putting on our own puppet shows as Thomas played with our dog Billy and as Martha sang our youngest to sleep. It really is the little things that stick out. 

I know as time passes, those memories will be fragments and honestly, that scares me. 

I do love Katrina with every fiber of my being and would not trade this undead life for anything at this point, but I do want to hold onto the memories I have of my children.

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Comment by Katrina Denali on May 3, 2016 at 2:28pm

Writing down these memories will help preserve them, love. Hold them close to always be cherished. I love you more than words can ever express and we will make many memories of our own as well.


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