Seth. What a twit. Right now I’d love to throw him right in front of an ongoing train. Of course, I’d regret it later if he didn’t manage to get away in time. But still, he damn right deserved it. He had – no, has – no idea what he put mom through. I’d get back from patrol, or head out on patrol and there would be mom, zombified and watching the front door. I was always late for patrol on those nights because I’d have to pretty much drag her to bed, those stress-lines and heavy eyes needed some rest. Unfortunately I’d have her stressed, somewhat expressionless face etched into my mind and for once, my thoughts were consumed with worry rather than hatred. Okay, I lie, just slightly. I had hatred and rage towards Seth and his adolescent immaturity. At one stage it was so bad that I even dug a hole while on patrol ready to shove his body into the moment he returned...

He thinks everything is okay, he thinks he understands. He’s wrong. I just want to shake some sense into that dim-witted mind of his, however, right now, that’s kind of impossible. Nothing will sink in. I think if you blew through one ear, it’d come straight out the other. Ugh, god he can frustrate me! It’s extremely infuriating when he just doesn’t get it! Like, he has no idea how worried I got whenever I wasn’t angry at him. He has no idea what mom was like. She was like a living vegetable or something. I haven’t let him see any of my memories of what mom was like, however, if he pushes me just a little further, I’m going to give him all those images in one big hit. He wouldn’t know what hit him. And if he ran away because of it, it just shows how really immature he is.

Oh look there he goes past my bedroom door...
I may have just thrown something at him

....and he may have just glared at me.

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Comment by Sue Clearwater on October 4, 2010 at 10:23am
I will never be able to take back what happened in those weeks Leah, all I can tell you is how terribly sorry I am and if I could take it back, I would.
Comment by Leah Clearwater on September 15, 2010 at 3:28am
Maybe for once you should use that miniscule brain of yours.


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