How I Met Carlisle at the Siege of Yorktown

Though I was a vampire, I still found myself involved in the war for the remainder of its duration. It was because of pride. I was able to take down several enemies at nightfall. For awhile, I was a legend. My comrades had no idea I was still around as I kept a low profile. I worked in the dark. They came up with legends of the land being cursed. People were disappearing. They made up some story about Jersey Devil like creature snatching British soldiers from their slumber. I relished in that. It sounded like the stories my brothers and I would make up to scare our younger sister. 

One night, after a slough of British soldiers had an unfortunate incident involving canons on the American side, I decided to take advantage of the situation. The British uniform was a bit more elegant, with gold lapels, buttons and pocket watches. I had a field day, taking my pick of the riches worn by the deceased. A vampire had to make a living somehow.  I put all of my findings in my bag and headed towards where the British camp was. I had planned on ending Cornwallis. It would have been the perfect time, as everyone was asleep as I silently entered Cornwallis' chambers. As I leaned in to bite, I picked up an inhuman scent. It wasn't from any human or animal. Someone was onto me. I quickly took my leave and headed into the woods. 

It was following me. I took refuge in a tree, waiting to confront what was following me. That's when I saw him. He spotted me right away, giving me the third degree about how stealing is wrong and taking the vigilante approach is wrong. He had picked up my scent many times for days prior to this and assumed it was me robbing from the bodies and assumed I was responsible for the disappearances. This is when he told me that he's also a vampire and told me how he lives his life. I was just filled with so much hatred and anger for our British enemies. Yet, this other vampire, who appeared to be fighting for the same side I fought for, was reserved and not consumed by anger or hatred. 

At first, it wasn't the greatest of confrontations, but I continued to converse with Carlisle nightly for about two weeks. Once the siege ended, we parted ways. But I continued to run into him from time to time. Now he is one of my greatest friends. He was the first vampire aside from myself, that I met after my transformation. 

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Comment by Garrett Frasier on July 31, 2014 at 8:27am

I remember that night more than I remember my own transformation. I must admit you were the first vampire I met after my transformation, so I will never forget our meeting. You have not changed much, friend. I only wish I had half the compassion and patience you have. 

Comment by Carlisle Cullen MD on July 30, 2014 at 7:08am

I'll never forget that fated night when we crossed paths. Your heart was filled with hatred and disgust but you weren't too far gone to realise that. I saw potential in you. You didn't prove me wrong. You are one of my most trusted and dearest friends. I suppose I see good in everything, even war, for it forged our friendship and for that I am grateful.


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