1. Copy and put on your blog, take my answers off and enter your own.
2. Put your iTunes, Windows Media Player, Ipod, Mp3 etc. on shuffle.
3. For each question, press the next button to get your answer.

1) If someone says, is this ok? You say...100 years

2) What would best describe your personality? Don't Speak Liar.

3) What do you look for in a guy/girl? You Should Be Dancing

4) How do you feel today? Honest Mistake

5) What is your life's purpose? Take it Slow

6) What is your motto? Hot revolver

7) What do your friends think of you? Painting Flowers

8) What do you think about very often? Your New Twin Size Bed (great itunes lol)

9) What is 2 + 2? Starstrukk

10) What do you think of your best friend? 1,2,3,4

11) What do you think of the person you like? Tik Tok

12) What is your life story? Carry Out

13) What do you want to be when you grow up? The World Has It's Shine - but I Would Drop It In A Dime.

14) What do you think when you see the person you like? Bad Romance (wow convienient)

15) What do your parents think of you? The Lobster Quadrille

16) What will you dance at your wedding? Waking Up In Vegas

17) What will they play at your funeral? My Love

18) What is your hobby/interest? Deja Vu

19) What do you think of your friends? Kiss and Sell

20) What is the worse thing that could happen? Satellite Heart

21) How will you die? Help!

22) What is the one thing you regret? Damn You Look Good When I'm Drunk (LOL)

23) What makes you laugh? No Way Out

24) What makes you cry? In Transit

25) What will you get married to? Like We Used To

26) What scares you the most? Closer

27) Does anybody like you? Goldmine Valentine

28) If you could go back in time what would you change? Jumper

29) What hurts right now? Miracle!

30) What is the one thing you want? We Are The World: For Haiti

31) What will you name this? Her Name Is Alice

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