Before I found out about Sam being my brother, I never imagined one day having a family other than my mom. When I found out about Sam and me over a year ago now, it took me by surprise even if the speculations going through my pack brothers (and sister) minds were running as to who was my father between Quil’s, Jake’s or Sam’s dad. I knew Sam was now married to Emily and I was happy for them when they had her daughter Ayasha on Dec. 2nd in 2009. I wished to find the one person who would be right for me just so I could have more than just mom for family at that moment. Even after I left for Jake’s pack, I still stayed relatively close to Emily. She’s always been there for us when we came back from patrols or hunting down a vampire too close to our land.

I loved Emily and Shay as if they were relatives of mine for reasons unknown to me at the time. When I found out about me having relatives, I could understand now why I felt like this. It’s as if a part of me deep down understood without me knowing consciously that she indeed was family. Seeing her smile and be happy whenever she plays with her toys or her parents are around makes me feel proud of her parents. When she started crawling around, I knew that we wouldn’t have too long to wait before she’d start running around the house and outside.

I can’t wait to be able to take her out to allow Sam and Emily some time for just the two of them. Taking her to the beach on warm summer days or just have her come over to spend some time with her uncle while her parents go out together. They do so much for the pack and her that they hardly get time alone without having her around sleeping, I see it as my way to repay for everything they did and still do for us. Sam and I may have grown up an only child without a father, but I know that he’ll be there for her when she needs anything and they can count on me when they need help with anything.

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