Jessica and I had the greatest day!

Of course, we had to visit our families.  How else can you celebrate Christmas? 

So off we go to my parents' house for breakfast.  My mom decided to make a stack of pancakes that can feed about a gazillion people! I tried not to laugh. But mom knows me so well.  I ate about half of that stack. Man, was I full! And to top it off, she made me extra bacon. I LOVE MY MOM! The conversation at the breakfast table was interesting. My old man was talking about how he got injured the other day at work.  (The man punched the wall in anger and jammed his pinky. Some injury. Haha!) Mother was hinting about getting the marriage done already.  I had to bite my tongue.  I hate being rushed.  Other than that conversation, breakfast was amazing! 

Now off to Jessica's family for lunch.  Greatest part, MORE BACON! These people know me so well.  Turkey was served and all the delicious sides.  Jessica had made her homemade mashed potatoes.  She didn't know I added some bacon bits in her potatoes while she was cooking them. Everyone was commenting about how amazing the potatoes were.  Of course Jess was happy to hear everyone loved her food.  When her mom started asking her about when she's going to be a grandmother, I turned away.  I'll let Jessica handle this conversation. :P Her grandmother is one heck of cool old person! She was telling us stories about her parachute days. (The woman was in her 70s when she was going through another wild phase) It doesn't seem like she'll be settling or calming down anytime soon.  I admire her.  Apart from the bacon, I finally got to eat her granny's homemade chocolate.  It's like heaven in my mouth! I couldn't stop drooling! I think I'll be heading to Jessica's place more often. 

Finally, for dinner, Jess and I stayed at our place.  We both made a small turkey, of course had her famous mashed potatoes, and one of my personal favorites... rootbeer float! Oh, we had gravy and corn and all that other stuff as well.  We opened our presents after.  Jessica had more than I did.  I say its cause she has a social life.  I don't mind not getting many.  I already had the best day and spent it with the love of my life.

 Best day ever!

My stomach is in heaven. :)

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