Change. Change is something that happens to everyone that breathes on this earth. It's something that we don't have control of. Like fate. Humans don't like change. We sit there and hate how fate changes the way our lives turn out. We let it steer us, with having no control on what happens. No say on how we want things.

I've had many things change in my life. Growing up to fast being one of them. I've never really liked getting older. Having more responsibilities just plane ol' suck. But I've kinda always had some sort of responsibility. Over my friends at least. Being the man of the house of two women, you kinda take on the 'manly' things automatically. It was big change after my dad left when I was 7. It wasn't something I liked. It changed the way I thought of my father. I've never had the opportunity to have that father, son bonding like Mike had with his dad. It changed a lot for me, after he left and as I started to get older. Things got harder for us. My sister, Mya Ann and I helped my mom out the best we could. We weren't rich, but we weren't poor either. My sister and I never complained. We knew that the change was brought to our family for a reason wether we liked it or not.

High school took a turn in a lot of things that changed. We were getting older, and getting more benefits of becoming older. Driving, starting work, graduating. Things were changing before our eyes. We gained a new friend, Bella Swan. We dated, lost loved ones, fought, got a long, loved and fell out of love. We kept things interesting. We never knew what we really wanted, and kept changing our minds. Things got tough and we helped each other threw it. As high school seniors getting ready to graduate, we proved our teachers wrong, and changed the way they might have thought about us. We graduated. Became adults. Succeeded.

College came around. I left to UW, Katie left to WSU, Tyler just went away and everyone kinda stuck around Forks, or Seattle in general. Things changed then. We never got to see each other, became busy and left home. I became more focused on school rather than everything else. Responsibility wasn't new to me, so it wasn't that hard to be on my own. Katie and I hardly saw each other, and it changed our relationship. Things got tough. I never knew how tough being away from her for so long could be. I hated being an adult that that moment. I didn't want to be away from Forks. I didn't want to be away from my friends. I was away from my mom and Mya Ann. I wasn't able to watch my two nephews and niece grow up. I missed out on birthdays, on anniversaries and on holidays. The more I realized I was alone, the more I was mad that things changed the way they did. I had no life.

I have never been to good with change. I've always had some reason to complain about it. Sure, there are things that have changed for me that has made my life better. There are things that have made my life worse. I have never accepted the fact that my father had left me, Mya Ann, and my mother. That's something that I will never forget. He impacted and changed our lives so greatly that I have never thought highly of him. I have though, accepted the fact that change can be good. Good and bad. I can't complain. Change has brought things to me that I have never dreamt of before. Like Katie. Like going to school and knowing that I can pay for college and not have to worry about money like I have had before in my past. Like my two nephews, Gregg and Joseph and my Niece Natalie.

With not accepting the fact that change will come every day of our entire lives will make us suffer. We need to understand that fate goes hand and hand with change and they work together to make our lives an adventure we will never forget. I know my life has been. There's nothing I could or would change about it. It's made me who I am today. The man who stands before you. Eric Matthew Yorkie.

So with this, I leave you with a thought. Change may never be a great to us, it may never treat us the way that we'd like it to. But that's the beauty of life. Not knowing where it can take you. Don't be upset if things happen and they aren't the way you've planned. Know that there's a reason behind everything that happens to us. No matter if it's good or bad. It's just the roll of the dice.

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