What is it like being a wolf?

It’s something I clearly do not want to take a firm grip on. At any chance that may come by to get rid of this somewhat of a ‘curse’, I would gladly throw it off like an unwanted coat. Somehow though, that’s highly unlikely to happen, let’s be honest here. They say it stops when you’re ‘ready’. What does that exactly mean? ‘When you’re ready’? Um, I’m ready now, so why haven’t you disappeared from my life? Oh yeah, I forgot, nothing ever goes the way I’d like it to. Silly me, how could I forget that my life is absolute crap. Of course, I do talk mostly about how I strongly dislike – those words being the most possible polite way to say that – being stuck in this ‘full time occupation’, there are some of those very – extremely – rare moments where being a wolf can be someone relaxing and . . . kind of . . . interesting? These moments aren’t what the guys would most likely say, I highly doubt it. Though I do enjoy the aspects of hunting the leeches and tracking, there are downsides to those such as boring patrols. They’re definitely boring when nothing happens; you’re just running in a circle all night long. The parts I’m talking about are the animal instincts that partly take over in certain areas. The feel of the earth’s soil beneath your paws, the freshness it produces is somewhat comforting. The smell of the air rushing through the trees, bring along different smells of the wet forest. It almost gives you a fairly decent picture of the areas in the forest the smells have come from. The way the water tastes after a long run while on patrol, the creeks that flow quietly within the forest, provide a rich and refreshing drink that I’m able to shove down my throat and not care what it looks like, because to anyone else – it’d seem like a natural animal instinct thing to do: splashing your face with the water as you drink t with only your tongue. Sounds which somehow echo amongst the trees automatically make your ears turn towards them to get a better hearing. Some sound would make the fur on your body stand on its end, which has definitely happened to me a fair few times. However the sounds of the natural forest are memorizing and comforting – again that animal instinct that likes to sneak through quite often. Those minor things would be what I don’t mind – sometimes with being a wolf. Unfortunately, I do have to share it with numerous other boys.

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