A special kind of sunshine in a smile

“There are no seven wonders of the world in the eyes of a child.  There are seven million.” 

Walt Streightiff   

(Just over three months ago)


After we had all fueled up with lunch, we headed to the jaguar area.  The big cats are so sleek and powerful.  Our next stop was the penguins. I was surprised that they weren’t in a colder area.  Like everyone else I pictured penguins and snow.  But these little guys come from Peru and like it much warmer.  The zoo had windows below the water so the kids could see the penguins swimming and all.  Kat had timed it perfectly so the kids could be in on the “feeding” the penguins.  It all looked to be going well till the penguins came over to get the food. Jimmy wouldn’t feed them unless I held him.  It was rather fun, if not awkward to hold him and help him throw the fish.  The boys had been so good, I got the okay from Chuck and Kat to buy them ice cream on a stick before we went over to see the raptors.  Major note to self, do not buy a two year old ice cream on a stick and then let him sit on your shoulders.  I ended up wearing a lot of the chocolate coating even though we got him down pretty fast.  Brown stains on a green shirt is very unappealing.  Kat kept teasing me, saying “I told you…”  I was able to wipe up most of it and with some water, it really didn’t look so bad. Besides, Jimmy had a lot of fun eating that ice cream.

            Next we were off to see the raptors.  Those birds are amazing with the power, speed and agility they demonstrate.  We got to see so many different species such as the American kestrel, the bald eagle, the barred owl and the spectacled owl. We also got to see the hawks and falcons, my personal favorite. Let’s see there was the ferruginous hawk, the gyrfalcon and the Harris hawk. They demonstrated with a peregrine falcon and it was majestic. There really are no words to describe the beauty of watching them fly. Natural hunters, they can dive so very fast and snap up their prey. They also demonstrated with the gyrfalcon. Both of the boys were very excited and liked the show. It wasn’t easy to get them to move on to the next area, but we did it. The Northern Trail, one of my favorite places in the whole zoo, it mimics the Alaska tundra region. I have had the opportunity to hike in Denali and there is nothing that can compare.

            The zoo guide said we could possibly see the bears catching salmon, but brown bear we saw was lazing in the sun. The otters were active and the boys enjoyed watching them through the same type of windows that the penguins had. They sure can swim fast. My attention was split between the eagles and the wolves. I have always loved watching wolves. On two separate occasions when I was out hiking I have had the luck to see wolves in the wild. Speechless and humbled, these creatures are beyond stunning. So many times, nature has made me step back and think about the world beyond myself. As we move over to see the elk and mountain goats I glimpse a snowy owl in a tree. I quietly point him out to Jimmy who gets all excited and starts to yell for Andrew to look too. So, we got to see the owl fly from one tree to the next, which excited the boys even more. As we left that area behind, we stopped and all rode the carousel. I stood next to Jimmy as he rode a black horse. Daddy rode next to Andrew and Mama actually rode as well. It was fun for all of us.

            The boys had really done so well all day that Chuck and Kat decided it was time to take them to the Zomazium. They were in heaven. The whole building is set up for kids right about the age Jimmy and Andrew are. First they had to climb the huge tree, okay they climbed it for quite a bit. There were animals and games for them to play. They really got into the nature thing and being able to trade the things they find for other cool stuff. They even climbed a mountain. Putting it mildly, they drug us all over the place at least three times. For two boys who should be tired and ready to drop they were little balls of energy.

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