I was sitting on my chair beside the window in my room and reading a book. Then, a loud BAM from downstairs shock me. I put my book away and run down, i found Emmet besides a table that now been cut a half. "EMMET! What are you doing??!!" i scream, "Uhh... I just had an experiment..." he said, "What the hell is this experiment??!! If Esme back and find this... You're so dead Em!!!" i yell at him, he rub the back of his head, "Uhh... Just wonderring if this table strong enough to hold my left karate... You know i can't use left hand..." he said, "Yes i know! But, of course this poor table doesn't hold your strength Em! Mom will be so mad you know!" i say and turn around to go upstairs. I never want to see my mom mad, especially if her furnitures break. "Please lil' sis... Don't leave me alone... Help me clean this mess..." he pleas, "No! That is your problem! Not mine!" i said without turning around, i continue go upstairs and reading the book again...

After an hour, i heard the front door been open and close, "Mom is here..." i whisper to myself, then i heard mom gaps and started yelling so i suspect Em doesn't finish to clean the mess. "Emmet Cullen! What are you doing to my dear table??!! You cut it to a half!!!" she screams, "Ehh... No i don't... When i come here it's already broken... Hannah do this..." he said, 'What?! He blame me?! He seriously just blame me??!!' my thought screaming in my head. "What??!! Hannah Elizabeth Cullen! Come down here right now!!!" mom yells, i sigh and go downstairs. "I wont do such thing to your furnitures mom... I'm not stupid enough to have an experiment to test your table with my left karate..." i said before anyone can say anything, "Who do you mean?" mom asks gently, "Emmet of course..." i said and go out to hunt before mom explode with her anger...

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Comment by Hannah Elizabeth Cullen on November 7, 2012 at 2:18am
Hope you all like my first story...


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