Livid, I slammed the door to the apartment, the frame cracking a bit from the force. I drop my purse, screaming out in a fury. A vase I acquired from the 1800’s suddenly ends up in my hands and I throw it across the room, making it crash into the wall. Glass spreads out across the floor in thousands of pieces. I run a hand through my long dark hair, sighing angrily. That horrid broad placed her hands on my Charly. How dare she?


Charles walks in the door a moment later, not speaking. I glare at him as he enters, my eyes the color of the deepest parts of hell. He sighs softly, thinking before speaking. As he opens his mouth to speak, I put up a finger to silence him.


“What on Earth was that Charly? I could just bump off that broad for placing her filthy hands on you. And you were flirting with her!” I flip a table over, the wood splintering as it crashes to the ground. I hear him sigh heavily, waiting patiently to finish my rant. “And the fact that she was a vampire! She should know better! You are my mate. You are mine.” Rage fills me, unlike one I have ever known before and I suddenly have the urge to murder that Sheba. I move towards the door but Charles’s arms wrap around me, holding me inside the house. I try to push him off but he manages to wrestle me down to the ground. Charles straddles me, pinning my body down to the slightly chilled floor. His eyes are fierce and his lips are pressed tightly together in a hard line.


“Come on sugar… don’t snap your cap,” he tightens his grip on my arms, his face inches from mine. His eyes stare back into mine, seeing all the way into my soul. Something within his red eyes soothes me and I can feel myself calming down ever so slightly. “Kenna, please just listen. She is just another broad I met awhile back while traveling for work. She means nothing to me darling. You are the only one I care about. You are my life Kenna.” His eyes plead to me to calm down and be rational, but part of me will always see that blonde gal pressing her perfectly sculptured lips to his porcelain cheek as she greeted him.


I close my eyes for a moment, trying to calm myself down. I can feel my inner flame dimming a bit and suddenly I open my eyes again to see Charles looking down at me. The rational part of my brain kicks in and immediately I realize how insanely jealous I must look. How is Charles even still with me after an outburst like this? I begin to sob, my chest tight. If only the tears would come, I feel that there would be some relief. I shake my head softly.


“I’m sorry Charly. ” Charles’s grip loosens on my arms and his hands cradle my face delicately. He leans down, pressing his lips to my forehead.


“Don’t fret love. You’re mine, just as I am yours. No one can come between that bond.” He smiles, kissing my lips softly. A tingle spreads throughout my body as his lips make contact with mine and suddenly my anger and sadness are gone. Replacing those emotions is an animal instinct so strong that I can’t hold back. I run my hands through Charles’s dark hair, pulling him close to me as I press my lips firmly to his, growling softly to let him know my change in mood. He bites my bottom lip and I roll him over, straddling him. As fast as my anger began it was gone, replaced by a hunger for Charles.


Welcome to the whirlwind that is my vampiric life.  

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