My throat burned with anticipation as I arrived at the house. My body was being overtaken by bloodlust and revenge was all I knew at this moment. I barged into the house, a scream filling the air as a young woman took in my appearance. I could just imagine what she saw; a breathtakingly beautiful woman with devilish red eyes and long dark hair, wearing a flowing white wedding dress. I was not surprised that Anton had moved onto another woman so quickly, especially considering his flirtatious personality. A small part of me pitied the woman, but I was all too consumed to care about her. I appeared next to her, grabbing her forearm tightly. I dragged her to the kitchen table, forcing her to sit down in one of the wooden chairs.


“P-Please don’t hurt me,” she whimpered. “I don’t have much, take whatever you want.” I smirked, walking over to the knife block that was on the counter next to the refrigerator. I pulled out one of the largest knives, running my finger along the blade. I smiled wickedly, leaning back against the counter as I watched the human girl shaking with fear.


“Oh honey, I don’t want your things. I just want your wise guy of a husband to pay for what he has done.” Tears began to fill her eyes and her bottom lip began to quiver. She started to stand up. I appeared before her, slamming the knife down into her left hand, holding her to the table. An ear piercing scream escaped from her lips as the blade went directly through the middle of her hand and she sank back down into her seat. “Did I say you could leave?”


Tears rolled down her cheeks as blood began to flow from the wound. My eyes zeroed in on the wound and the aroma of her blood filled the entire room. My eyes darkened as the animalistic side of me began to take over. I pushed her hair aside and sank my teeth into her neck, unable to stop the animal within. Her blood gushed into my mouth, slowly soothing my burning throat. My newborn self wanted to give into the bloodlust, but my yearning for revenge was too strong. I pulled back, licking my lips. The girl was shaking, unable to speak from the blood loss. I handed her a towel to place on the wound, wanting to wait until Anton got home to finish her off in front of him. I sat down at the end of the table, smirking at the girl. She watched me to see if I’d make any sudden movements, her eyes glassy. “Don’t fret dear, you’ll pain will end soon.”


The front door opened as Anton arrived home for the evening. I tapped my fingers on the table in a rhythmic pattern as I waited for him to finally see me. Anton entered the kitchen, freezing at the door as his brain tried to process the scene before him. I grinned wickedly, remaining seated next to his bleeding wife. “Greetings Anton and welcome home. I hope you are hungry, because I know I certainly am.” He tried to run in the other direction but he was much too slow for a newborn vampire. I grabbed him by the shoulder, turning him to face me. I punched him in the face, just as my older brother had once taught me when I was a human. Anton fell to the ground, stunned from the blow to the face. I picked him up, bringing him over to the chair directly across from his wife. Anton tried to stand up from his seat. I placed a hand on his leg, squeezing tightly. The intensity of my squeeze broke his femur, and a scream erupted from his bruised lips. “You won’t be going anywhere Anton.”


I could feel my eyes darkening as the bloodlust took over again. I appeared behind Anton’s wife, her heart pounding in her chest as I got closer to her. I ripped the towel away from her neck wound, bending down to lick some of the blood. I groaned, making eye contact with Anton across the table. “Do you hit her the way you used to hit me?” I lifted a brow, watching his expression. He shook his head in denial.


“N-no, I’d never hit her.” I slammed my hand down on the table. Anger filled me to the core. Anton genuinely looked upset by the harm I had caused his wife. “Do you love her Anton? And be honest. If you lie to me, she dies.” His eyes widened and he nodded.


“Of course I love her, she’s my wife.” I pursed my lips.


“And I once believed that you had loved me… but we both know how you actually felt.” I lowered my face to her neck, drinking from her again. Anton yelled out, begging me to stop.


“Please, please don’t kill her. I beg you Makenna. I love her. I didn’t lie to you!” I pulled back, her blood dripping from my mouth. She choked, unable to get any words out. I pulled the knife out of her hand, hearing her gasp. I took the knife, running the blade softly along the side of her neck.


“You ruined me Anton. You took everything from me. You stole my innocence. You stole my compassion. You sucked the humanity right out of me. I was never your wife… I was your property. You took everything from me, and now I’m going to do the same to you.” I dug the knife into her neck, blood gushing out. I dropped the knife, sinking my teeth into her wound. Blood filled my mouth but I did not care about savoring the taste, I just wanted Anton to see me kill his lover. I finished her off, Anton’s cries echoing throughout the house. I let her body fall from my grasp, letting it crash onto the hardwood floor. Anton bit his bottom lip, tears filling his eyes. I tilt my head, her blood staining my wedding dress.


“Why so sad Anton? It’s not like you actually loved her.” I smiled wickedly, watching him squirm in his seat. “You don’t deserve a happy ending Anton, not after what you did to me.” Anton looked at me, and I could see a spark of anger in his eyes.


“You stupid bitch.” Anton spat at me, and I chuckled.


“Ah, there’s the Anton I know so well. Controlling, possessive, demeaning. I knew you were in there somewhere. Nice to see you again.” His hands rest on the table, his fingers shaking slightly. In a flash, I grab the knife and slam it down, slicing off four of his fingers. Anton yelled out in pain, his heart pounding in his chest as his adrenaline kicked in. “Oh, I’m sorry. Did that hurt?” I dropped the knife and picked him up, tossing him across the room. He crashed into the coffee table, breaking the glass as he landed on his back. I appeared above him, holding him down with my hands. Pure fear took over his body and the animal in me enjoyed it.


“Go to hell,” he said through gritted teeth.


“You first.” My teeth sank into his neck, his warm blood flowing into my mouth. The blood soothed the burning sensation in my throat, my body becoming more powerful with every drop. His screams faded away and his life force began to drain out of him and into me. Anton’s heart finally came to a standstill and I ripped my mouth away from his neck, my eyes closed as the bloodlust consumed me. I tilted my head back, my body covered in his blood. Anton was finally dead and burning in hell where he belonged. I had ended his reign over me. I let out a scream, letting it fill the empty house.  

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