Later that year...

I lay in bed, my heart pounding in my chest. My hand covered my eyes as I tried to take deep breaths, still in shock at the event that took place earlier during the day. A whisper escaped my lips as the realization began to set in.


“I got married today.”


The day had gone by in a blur. My mother and sisters were helping me get ready, all of them more excited for the wedding than I was. There were multiple times that I almost fled the wedding, but I stopped myself before actually completing the task. Where would I have gone anyway? I had no money that was my own and I would have no way of getting off the island. Malta was a jail and I was its prisoner.


Soon after I was ready, the musicians began to play and I was being walked down the aisle of the church by my father. He gave me away to Anton and it was then that I pushed all of my emotions aside so that I could focus on the task at hand. Don’t be nervous Kenna. Just get through this. Just get through today. I acted as if it wasn’t a real wedding. It was just a scene in some flick that was being shown at the local drive in. I played my part as the bride and kissed my new husband as if this was the best day of my life.


After the wedding, there was a reception held at the church. I did my best to appear content with my marriage to Anton. After all of the dancing, eating, and toasts, I eventually made it to mine and Anton’s new home, which our parents bought together as a wedding gift to us. It was awkward between Anton and I when we finally arrived at the house. I believe that secretly, we both wished that this would eventually work out and that eventually we would fall in love with each other. But for now, that was not the case.


We got ready for bed separately from each other and it was then that I grew extremely anxious. It was our wedding night and it was a known fact that the bride and groom would make love the night after the wedding. That meant that tonight, I would have to have intercourse with Anton. I wasn’t ready to lose my virginity, especially not to a man that I did not love. Growing up, I always imagined that I would lose my virginity to a man that I was madly in love with, and one that would love me unconditionally in return. Having sex with Anton was not what I had looked forward to all those years growing up.


My hands shook slightly as I waited for Anton to join me in bed. I had never shared a bed with a person of the opposite sex. It was very nerve wracking knowing that I would be sleeping next to a man. Anton joined me in bed and I felt as if my heart was going to jump out of my chest. My new husband rolled over onto his side, facing me. I looked over at him, his face barely visible in the dimly lit room. I was suddenly aware of his nakedness and I could feel myself flush. Anton moved closer to me in bed.


“You know what married couples do on their wedding night, don’t you?” His breath smelled of liquor and I felt repulsed. This was not what I wanted, not at all. Anton started to run his hands across my silk nightgown and I felt very self conscious.


“Anton… I’m not ready.” I felt his hands still, and I tried to avoid eye contact.


“What did you say to me?” He sat up in bed, throwing the covers off of us. I sat up, trying to put some distance between us.


“I’m not ready to do this Anton. Please, let’s not do this now.” I pulled down my nightgown to cover my thighs, vaguely aware that it had gone up a bit as I moved away from him. It was hard to see him in the darkened room, but I could tell he was getting angry by the sound of his breathing.


“You are my wife and you shall obey me Makenna. That is what wives do. And brides on their wedding nights please their husbands, just as you are going to do for me.” I shook my head as Anton moved towards me, pulling me under him. I tried to get out from under his body, but he gripped my arms and held me in place. Anton was much larger than I was, and now that he had been enlisted in the military, he was much stronger than I was.


“Please Anton.” I begged him, hoping he would stop. It was then that I felt a sharp stinging pain against my cheek. I was stunned into silence that Anton had just slapped me.


“You shall obey me Makenna, always.”

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