Where does the time go? Seriously. I've been home from school for almost a week now, and I feel like I already have to go back. I love it here. Here at forks, but I'm glad that I'm not as for away as Katie is when she was going to WSU in Pullman. Man, and I thought I had it bad.

It's like September/October will be here before you know it. Then a new year. A NEW YEAR. I mean come on, didn't we just start 2010 off like, yesterday? It's already almost August and we have four more months until 2011 is here. I guess it only goes by faster when we get older... that's what my mom always says to me.

It scares me a bit to. To think that I've been growing up so fast. I'm almost 23. I can't believe that. I still act like I'm 18, and a senior in high school. I don't wanna grow up. :laughs a little thinking about what I just said: Don't go off and call Peter Pan now. I don't need him to help me. Nor, do I think he could. :laughs again: Seriously though. What's gonna happen when I have KIDS. Now, I'm sure most of you, who know me very well, like Tyler are probably thinking that me having kids would be a site to see. Little Eric Yorkie's running around, greattttttt. But no, seriously dude, whats gonna happen having to see them grow up in a blink of an eye? How depressing would that be? I'm sure most girls are probably thinking the way I am about this kinda stuff, which is totally cool, I think. Thinkin' that I'm possibly thinkin' like a chick. Booya! :raises eye brow: but anyways...

I guess time just scares me. Maybe I should have became a scientist and make a machine that makes time stop. Or find a way that we could live one age forever. Ya. That'd be cool. Even though nothing on this earth can be built to make you stay the same age until you die can be invented, I'm gonna just stay 18 in my heart forever. Until, the day comes where I start getting grey hair. I'll probably freakkk out just a weeeeee bit, but whatever.

I guess, all I need to know is I need to make the best of what I have, and do what I can to live my life to the very fullest. Take chances and risks because we only live one life, once. Why not do something new, different, exciting!? It's the best way, to spend out time here...

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