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Surviving the Elements

Mom sat me down; I could see on her face that she was concerned even though she tried to hide it. At first I was panic stricken. Did I miss the deadline for my school project? I was so sure that I still had a few more days to finalize the project.


With great relief, Mom let me know that it was not the project she wanted to discuss. All she wanted was to…


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Dreams of the future

Love is always in abundance around me. You don’t just find it in the love my family have for one another. You only have to look at Grandpa and Grandma, Aunt Rose and Uncle Emmett, Aunt Alice and Uncle Jasper. Not forgetting my Mom and Dad.


It has…


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Daddy's little girl

He was the first one to understand me. He was the one who loved me instantly and who went to all extreme’s to keep me safe. His hands where the ones who held me and his eyes looked upon me for the first time. He is my Dad. My Hero.


There is a bond between us something so strong and fragile at the same time. A bond I treasure with all my heart. Of course at times it gets…


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Not your average girl

There is this little coffee shop in town. I love going there and the owners know me quite well. They have this cozy nook where I usually have a cup of coffee or hot chocolate. I love sitting there watching the girls and boys walk past. Wondering how it would be to be friends with them. How it would be to be your average teenage girl.


I look like your average 16 year old…


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Dear Mom

Today I went into town. I felt like just taking a break and go for a nice cup of coffee. While I was sitting at my table paging through a magazine, a pregnant lady walked in. I think she must be quite close to full term.


But what I noticed more was the look in her eyes. The happiness and contentment. I watch as she softly rubbed her hand across her tummy and smiled.


I found myself smiling. I think I have been thinking a lot about my birth these days with my…


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