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Fun Day

After the show last night, we went to ihop. As a result, I was up sick at 3:30 AM. My grandma came over at 8:30 AM and I soooo wanted to sleep in but she and my aunts wanted to take me out. We went to lunch at the Elephant Bar at 1:00 and then I went to some antique shops with them, which I normally hate, but these shops were pretty cool. I managed to buy a Lord of the Rings movie painting for $10 as well as several used CDs for $1 each.It started snowing while we were out. It has stopped…


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For the first time, I feel....wicked

Just got back from the theatre! Wicked was awesome! It has always been awesome! There is nothing like seeing it live though. Videos are cool and the soundtrack is awesome..but oh is well worth the money if any of you can go see it!


My only complaint was the sound system of the theater. The music could have been louder and the voices could have been more crisp. I think the theater needs an updated system. It sounded like it was something from the 80s or…


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My grandfather passed away 12/12/10. I still remember getting that call at 1 o'clock in the morning saying he had a stroke and had passed away. I am still in disbelief. I was very close to him. As I look though my pictures on my phone, I see the last ones taken of him. I had taken pictures of him with my little nephew when my brother, sister in law and nephew came to visit in September. Little did I know, he'd only be alive for three more months. Its very hard. Christmas was hard too. He…


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Another day, another dollar

Just got home from a tiring day at work. Who knew that sitting on your butt at a desk for 8 hours a day could be so tiring?  It takes a lot out of you to talk on the phone all day. I actually felt that food service was less tiring than han the desk job I have now.


Sunday is my Friday, which means tomorrow is my Thursday. No wonder why it feels like it is the middle of the week.


I'm glad I am getting off early on Sunday. While Wicked doesn't start until 7:30..I…


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Sunday is the day!!

Yaaay! I am seeing Wicked for the 2nd time on Sunday! I'm so excited. When I found out the tour was coming here, I had to get tickets. They are sucky seats, but still. YAY!


I've loved this show since its birth in 2003 and I was captivated when I saw it in 2008.

I love this scene.


I just have to get through 2 and a half days of work…


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