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Random thoughts 3:Missing Collin...

I am totally missing Collin right now we are always at lapush at different times...every time I'm busy he's not and vice versa..it really sucks not seeing my friends..maybe I'll get to see him soon...I really hope so we haven't talked or just saw each other in a while...I know it doesn't bug him but its gettin to me and I absolutely hate it...AND on top of that I went back to school so now I'm SUPER busy...sometimes balancing life is so hard..geez sometimes I wish it was still summer... MISS YA… Continue

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Today 2:my day and how it was

Today at the beach was the bomb!!! I had so much fun and made lots of new friends! Oh i finally went cliff diving for the first time (well actually i was pushed,and embry was not happy about that) Lets see...what else did i do?...Oh yea! Me and one of my new friends sarah sang while i played guitar..Oh and we drew and i painted!! -mutters- I got lost in the woods too..that was not fun.But jan ended up finding me! -smiles- ok im tryin to make this short so i can go back to… Continue

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1. Full name: Rhaven Moon Whitmore

2. Age: 16

3. Location: La Push

4. Do you have a partner? Nope! Ridin solo baby!!

5. Do you have a special talent? I sing and play guitar,paint,and write

6. What are your favorite hobbies? Drawing, reading,singing,painting,playing guitar

7. What music are you into, if any? All music except country

8. Favorite movie: -grins- i like all movies

9. Favorite TV Show: Jersey shore,big brother

10. Favorite…


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Ahhhh!! this girl!! no more drama!!!

Oh my gosh drama is the worst!! Ok so there's a girl who always trys to cause drama and I hate drama..so this year I told her if she wants to talk to me it has to be non drama related..this girl is a manipulator..a violator..nosy..mean..clingy ..always trys to get under your skin..I normally don't talk about people like this but this girl was makin me way too mad..she pushed me too my limit... I'm writing this so I won't hit her because if I didn't write this there would be lots of drama...and… Continue

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Today:my day..and how it was :D

Today was awesome!! My aunt flew in from Va!! And I got my school schedule! I pretty much just chilled..I wasn't aloud to hang at LaPush today *pouts* that made me way sad..I really do love my friends at LaPush..So yea but on the upside I did talk to Charly!! That made my day!I made lots of new friends and I'm excited to go back to school!! (But at the same time not ya know?) Ok so that was basically my day! Thanks for readin!! XoXox

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random thoughts 2:Dead leeches?

Ok so tonight I was at LaPush with collin,paul,stephanie,sara,and some other friends..well anyways collin was acting waayy weird.At random times he would scream "DEAD LEECHES!!" then when we went swimming he got all quiet and swam as fast as he could to shore and when I got to the shore he wouldn't even share his towel *pouts* and I was cold too *laughs* ..then he was watching me when I bent over to get my ipod (I guess he thought I wasn't watching but no worries I don't mind *winks*) he… Continue

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Random thoughts 1 :How much?How little?Random thoughts on random subjects

How much did he love me?

How little did he love me?

How little did he care?

How much?

Does he still love me?

I will never know. Thinking about him makes me cry.The hole that he left was filled with hate,then anger,then hurt,Now sadness.It feels like my insides are being ripped out.I'm not sure what to say..What to do.if I could say six words they would be "I love you I'm so sorry."Will I ever see him again?After I choked out those words the emotions I felt would come… Continue

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Puppy Fever!!

YAY!! I just got a puppy he is absolutely the cutest thing ever!!His name is Patriot and he is the cutest american bulldog alive!! He has chocolate brown eyes and a cute little black and white spotted nose!! He has little tiny paws that he trips over when he runs.And floppy ears that move around when he turns his head! This little puppy is amazing and he my little baby!!! I love him so much!

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a Blog?

Hmmm l suck at writing and I'm not sure what to blog about.....umm ok well I guess yeterday was cool I got my new puppy!!! Oh my gosh he is so cute!! Maybe ill write a blog about him.yea that sounds good!! :) hey look I just wrote a blog!! Yay!!!!!

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