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A Letter to Alec

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A Letter to Santiago

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Memories Of My Human Family

Lately, memories of my human life seem to be plaguing my mind.  There is no reason for it.  It is not as if I can have a dream and have those images engrained into my memory.  These images have been hidden deeper and as of late have made themselves known.  Often times, when I am in my chambers, I have been receiving quick clips of what was once my human life.  The life I lived before I was turned into what I am today.  Most of my images have been of my mother and father.  Their appearances…


Added by Jane Volturi on August 9, 2011 at 7:18pm — 2 Comments

Quiet Time to Reflect...

The castle has been rather quiet as of late.  Demetri and Santiago are off in Switzerland trying to find the truth about what is causing the deaths of humans out there.  There was a hunch that it could be vampires, but they are not certain yet.  I've been in constant contact with Santiago the most over the progress of their mission.  So far, nothing looks promising.  Not much is being found.  With these two guys gone, the castle has been considerably a lot calmer.  Although I am admitting…


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Today's Excursion...

This morning, I was graced with having the company of Lady Sulpicia on a horse ride out of the city so I could feed.  However, it wasn't a routine feeding excursion that we'd usually take.  I stumbled upon an e-mail a mortal had sent my way and some of the accusations enraged me.  So, I felt like taking my anger out on a handful of mortals, feeling that if I could torture them and drain them completely while satiating my hunger, I would feel better and at ease.  Wouldn't you know, it did…


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What Real Family Is

The Cullens call themselves a real family.  I laugh at that.  It amuses me because, if you look at their "family," it's quite dysfunctional and weird.  How is it that you can all have your mates under one roof and not one of them even has any kind of blood relation?  How can you call that a family?  It's a coven and that's it.

Real family is related by blood. Born of the same mother (not "reborn" from the same maker). I do not call Aro my father. He is my maker. I had a mother…


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