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My Transformation

I do not remember the details of my transformation that well. I may have been unconscious, because I woke up as a vampire, seeing the bodies of my regime around me. 

I know that my regime and I were marching through the woods, on our way to our camp. We were ambushed by a vampire. I do not know his name, but I vaguely remember what he looked like. 

He had dark hair and red eyes. He looked to be around 17, so definitely a young, less experienced vampire. Perhaps…


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How I Met Carlisle at the Siege of Yorktown

Though I was a vampire, I still found myself involved in the war for the remainder of its duration. It was because of pride. I was able to take down several enemies at nightfall. For awhile, I was a legend. My comrades had no idea I was still around as I kept a low profile. I worked in the dark. They came up with legends of the land being cursed. People were disappearing. They made up some story about Jersey Devil like creature snatching British soldiers from their slumber. I relished in…


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What Kate Did To Me

Being a nomad simply means one has no home and never stays in one place for long. Thats what I was up until a few years ago. I came to Forks, as a friend of Carlisle's, to aid in witnessing to the Volturi. Being opposed to the Volturi, I loved the opportunity to stand up to them, especially to save an innocent child. Soldiers fight for the innocent and protect their freedoms. Little did I know, I'd meet my soul mate.

I was married prior to my change. Martha was my world. We…


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