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As April leaves and May waltzes in...

...the flowers do their courtship dances to entice the bees. The bees oblige, mesmerized and completely captivated by the flower's stunning, colourful display.  The grapevines have bright green leaves, still in their infancy, facing the sun and taking in all of it's warmth.  Springtime has arrived, fully, in Volterra. 

My favourite times are the moments Caius and I share, slowly walking between the rows of grapevines hands…


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As March Marches In

I contemplate the deepest parts of winter.  Temperatures don't matter to us. We neither feel hot nor cold so it's always perfect for us. We do keep the castle at a balmy 17 degrees (celsius), to keep our guests at their happiest. 

Caius has a lot of business contacts and entertaining them is something that pleasures him greatly. We have had a few lately that he is so happy with due to his vineyard business being successful. Our grounds are vast and of course we don't tend our own grapes.…


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Italy in February

It's unseasonably warm for February which has brought a significant increase of tourism to our small community of Volterra. Most are yearning for a break from their monotonous lives and a peek into an ancient culture with a vast, beautiful landscape, unlike their doldrum views from their kitchen sinks at home.  

I take advantage of such breaks in the weather and have spent many a day out in the courtyard listening to Alec and Jane and Demetri and Corin as they chit-chat and laugh about…


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