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George Ryan Ross and Cassady Drina Waldorf. ♥

"George," I repeated, determined not to give into those gorgeous brown eyes.

"Ryan," He argued.

I shook my head. "It's George. G-E-O-R-G-E!"

"No, Cassady," He emphasized my full first name, "It's Ryan. R-Y-A-N!"

"That's not the same!" I complained. "Shortening your first name is a lot better than replacing it!" Honestly, I didn't care that he was now using his middle name as his first. I was just worried that I was losing my best friend to his band. I thought… Continue

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at the party

As soon as i walked into the room, they were all silenced, awed by my mysterious beauty. As i carried herself, pale and slender, gracefully and elegantly towards one of the men in the room, a man noticed something. I seemed like a queen, high and regal, with a strange air of mystery about me. And my beauty couldn't help but add mystery to me. I had fire straight red hair, with these strikingly pale blue eyes, blood-red plump lips, with what looked like a natural rose blush, brushed across…


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Renesmee and Jacob

“Jacob?” My voice so soft that I think he doesn’t hear me until he rumbles a ‘hmm’ sound. Of course he heard. His hearing is almost as good as my mother and father’s. Almost as good as that of a vampire’s. “How long are we going to be together?”

This wakes the sleeping teen up more and he turns me over to look me in the eyes. “What do you mean, Nessie?” His voice covered in concern. Of course this question worried him. He had imprinted on me, which meant there was no chance he would… Continue

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