December 2010 Blog Posts (25)

a sad love song


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About me, Katherine Pierce:

Me in my 1860's attire.

I am said to be very beautiful, I have long curly

brown hair, and chestnut brown eyes, that darken with thirst. I a,

portrayed as rather vain about my looks, and I have no problem…


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Oh, This and That...

"No, no, no, you're doing it WRONG. You all are the absolute WORST cast I have ever had in my nine years of doing plays at this school. COMMON SENSE, PEOPLE. Use your brains! If you have some."

These are just about the only words I, and the rest of the cast, have heard in the past two or maybe it's three months.

You're worthless.

Have you ever done this before?


That looks HORRIBLE!

Everyone feels sick - at…


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A Girl Amongst Wolves.

I had just arrived home from cooking dinner for Charlie, as I pulled my car into the driveway, I looked over to see Jacob sitting on our porch steps. "Hey Sue" a sunny smile as always graced his face, but for once it didn't quite touch his eyes. "Hey there Jake, how are you?" "Good, Good" was the instant reply, straight away I knew Jake was a tad nervous about something. "Ok Jacob Black" I smiled, raising an eyebrow, "Out with it, I can tell your nervous about something, or better still, lets… Continue

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The Truth Will Set You Free

What do I have left but my word as I'm left to rot in a cold, dark

tomb. I had a visitor today. My dried up doppelganger came to me for

answers. I was not ready to relive the past that has haunted me. The

birth of a child I never got to hold back in 1490 was a memory that

brought me misery and pain. Elena bribed me with blood. I have to

give her credit, she's very smart to be so naive with all the danger

that surrounds…

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