October 2015 Blog Posts (4)

Tendrils of the Past

Billy knows. I am sure of it. He  knows I am hiding something from him. I didn’t dare ask why the box was out. After all, it is his workshop, my things are invading his workspace. There are any number of reasons he could have had the box there, from needing to get to something it was blocking to setting his work on it. I don’t believe he was snooping about, nor do I care if he did. It would be my own fault for not destroying my old journals and poems from that horrible time. I don’t know why…


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One year and looking ahead to many more.

Can it really be a year, one year since I stood in front of my family and friends and promised till death do us part to the love of my life Jacob Black.

Yes it’s really been a year of being Mrs Black and I would love to say it was just a year of awesomeness, but let’s be honest here. It’s marriage and yes it can be hard.


I mean you have two people learning to share one space like all the time and even though since the first time I entered the world we have been…


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New Moon- Partial Draft (Edward POV)

Typical. I could hear Alice's thoughts beaming from the other room and I groaned. "You know this won't go well." Bella didn't want a party. She had been very insistent on us not acknowledging her birthday at all. Of course, all of us would have to compromise. All but Alice it seemed.  

"She'll love it." This wasn't exactly true either. Alice knew Bella would only halfheartedly enjoy the gathering, despite how much she always appreciated everything done for her. Alice had seen this in…


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Cold Nights- Bella POV

I softly kicked my feet at the quilt wrapped around me. It's presence was at minimum, unsatisfactory. . The quilt was a compromise and although it was necessary for both my health and comfort I disliked it. No matter how close I was allowed, that was possible, I was not the slightest bit appeased. I pressed my head to the cold stone chest that was undoubtedly Edward Cullen, his smooth fingertips moved up my back to entangle in my hair. I…


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