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My Livelihood and Passion


Vampires have incredibly heightened senses. With that comes the immense pleasure that we get when using them.Vladimir collects fine wine and I collect art. It makes for a very compatible existence. Though it is part of my livelihood it is also aesthetically pleasing and gives me great pleasure. I have a vast collection of fine art that I have amassed while on the move. …


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A letter to my friends

What do Friends mean to me, that is simple true friends mean everything to me, there the people I can trust with secrets, the persons I can love by choice because I'm not related to them and that I transform into the family that I can count on when times are bad or I feel alone, but having friends really means you will never be alone .Even when your family does not understand you your friends will and will help you get through bad times just as your family will, they will stand by you the…


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maybe if i had blonde hair instead of my red maybe if i looked alot moore like my sister blonde haired blue eyed size 1 type girl but i dont think i want to be like that though my loud red haired pale freckled self instead i try to be quiet add some blonde highlights and try my hardest to get a tan and finding some way to cover up my feckles with make up theres nothing i can do but i guess embrace what i do have ... i am a loser i have no friends still no boys but i've kind have gotten used…


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Paris France, land of love & mystery....

Paris, France. The perfect romantic destination. The Eiffel Tower, Champs Elysees, The Arc du Triomphe all within reach. Or not.

I stand here on Champs Elysees trying to get my wits about me. My mind is a whirl of unrest, angst and worry. My wife, our daughters and friends have been taken to Volterra against their wishes being accused of murders they surely did not commit. I know though, that my boys are more than capable of taking care of the situation while I, along with Liam, Sio,…


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