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Shay's first summer

After so much insistence from Sam I finally decided to allow him to take Shay down to the beach when she was 7 months old, it was a very nice warm July summer day, it was a very uncommon day since we have rain most of the year even in the summer, but this day was beautiful, the sun was shining and it was nice, so that’s why I lowered my protective mother side for a moment and give into what I wanted my daughter to have and experience.

After a long preparation and putting Shay into her…


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When I think of color a certain poem comes to mind. Color has different ways of touching lives.

Color by Dorothea Mackellar

The lovely things that I have watched unthinking,

Unknowing, day by day,

That their soft dyes have steeped my soul in colour

That will not pass away -

Great saffron sunset clouds, and larkspur mountains,

And fenceless miles of plain,

And hillsides golden-green in that unearthly

Clear shining after…


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A Renaissance Faire

While visiting California I came across an advertisement about a Renaissance Faire.

Not truly satisfied as to what people term the Renaissance Era. I decided to do some research on this subject. I found a few websites about upcoming faires and found labeled society for creative anachronism (SCA). I was truly unsure of the latter…


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My Passion

Ever since I can remember I’ve had a fixation with fine art, I used to love to watch the street artists in my home town when I went to the market , sometimes I even found myself drawing randomly on pieces of paper and even if my father loved me, he said they would not get me anywhere so I suddenly stopped. But it was not until I came to Volterra that I really saw art, the castle is filled with the most beautiful paintings I have ever seen and it’s also a very inspiring place to create such…


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Beneath the Night

Beneath the night that covers me

A scream disturbs the town

It rings throughout the neighborhood

And shakes this very ground

I stand over the body

I know they'll flood the street

Looking for the source of sound

I hear their running feet

Despite the wrath of blood and tears

I steal into the night

I have no guilt, I've no regret

For what I've done is right

My kind are made to do…


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With immortality comes much more than you could ever know. Imagine a day that simply never ends. No sleep, no dreams, no fresh beginning to a new day. It all blends into one giant mass of time. On occasion, not so very often, do I find myself standing at the window gazing out daydreaming about growing old. I then look in the mirror and see myself, exactly the same as I was in the mid 1600s. Untouched by time, gravity and life. It's a stark reminder of loss.



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Egyptians Camping Trip across the US

This year we decided to do something completely different and spontaneous.

I had just gone on a hunt and was walking by a dealership and saw the most incredible vehicle staring at me from the car lot. Yes, I did say staring at me. I felt like it was calling my name. It was saying Benjamin.. You know you want to take me home. You know you can't live without me. I turned and looked around to see if maybe someone was actually calling my name. Nope, not a soul. I walk over to the…


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Putting down Oreo(before)

Well today on our way back home from the store, my grandma mentioned that we may have to put down my dog Oreo.  He’s only about 4 in human years, 32 dog years , but he’s been in a lot of pain lately for some reason. My grandma said that sometimes in the middle of the night, he would move and yip in pain. I’m sad to have to make him go, but I have no choice my grandma has already made her decision, its just I don’t know when she’s gonna put him down. I hope she isn’t gonna do it when I’m at…


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Finding the unexpected

I know a lot of people wonder how I can stand to live in such a small town as Forks. I mean you Seattle a few hours away on one side and on the other side you have Portland. To me Forks is just perfect.

Even in La Push I enjoy the closeness of the community and you never know when an adventure or surprise is around the corner.

The great thing about small town is that you have the best Garage Sales. As far as I am concerned you will never find a better place for Garage Sale…


Added by Renesmee Black-Cullen on August 29, 2012 at 7:09am — 1 Comment

Don’t stick your fingers in my baby cousin’s mouth!

So my baby cousin Rylee is about 10 months old, and i was trying to feed her the jelly that was in my donut. So I stick my finger in the jelly then put it in her mouth, but she has 2 top teeth and 2 bottom teeth. And she bit me. It hurt, really bad, right now she’s crawling/walking around the room I’m in just gibberjabbering baby talk and getting into everything. She may be a 10 month old but she thinks she’s a 3 year old so she tries to do everything.not kidding its annoying so I have to…


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Getting ready for school!

So there’s only 8 more days of summer here in Port huron, and I’ve been trying to get myself ready for PHHS. I’ve packed and repacked my backpack to make sure I have everything, and been trying to get back on my meds. Yes I admit it, I take Adderall XR, and yes I am ADD or ADHD, not sure which one but their pretty much the same thing. The same effects on a person pretty much. I’m not afraid to admit that I am an ADD/ADHD Student. I even told my whole art class last year, well the year that I…


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Questions #2

Random Survey


- Copy this blog and put it on yours!

- Erase my answers and put your own…


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Questions #1

What should we call you? Kory

Whats your favorite kind of soda? Mountain Dew

What kind of car do you drive? Nothing yet, but hopefully a…


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Questions #2

Random Survey


- Copy this blog and put it on yours!

- Erase my answers and put your own…


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Questions #1

What should we call you? Britt 

Whats your favorite kind of soda? Dr. Pepper

What kind of car do you drive? Nothing yet. :)…


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The hunger games

Ok so I know some of you are looking for a new book to read, for some of you I recommend The Hunger games, if you haven’t read it yet. The hunger games Trilogy is a science fiction book, in other words, its based in the future. The hunger games Trilogy is written by Susan Collins. There’s 3 books to the trilogy. There’s first the hunger games, then Catching fire, and  then Mocking jay. Some of you have never heard of a mockingjay. They’ll mention it in the first book,but I’ll explain it…


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My Wierd Dream

 This is the dreem I had the other night. It is very wierd. It is like a mix in between the Twilight Saga, The Drake Chronicals, and Night World, the three vampire books I have read recently.With a little Big Time Rush humor.:) 


I arrive at the Henderson's place, which is just out in the vampire world, not that far from Earth.…


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galloping for the first time

so i went horse riding  for the last time before school starts on the 4th. and i didn't want to trot since a few years ago i fell off 2 times. the first was while trotting which caused me to have a fear of trotting. but i didn't want to but since i was way behind marie buck,the horse i was riding wanted to catch up with marie.

 oh and don't worry his name isn't buck because he bucks, that's very rare. he's named buck because his hair looks like he ended up going into a…


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student orientation

so when i got to my highschool, PH(port huron) i found out that now its assential that you attend oriantation every single year of highschool. i'm a freshman and i also found out its all one floor. i got my schedule too, but no one i know has the same classes :(

 this is my schedule:

1) US. History-Mr.Harris

2)introduction to web publishing-Theut

3)math lab-rosenau

4)biology- mrs.maury

5)Algebra 1 A- Eschker

6)ELA grade 9 -mitchell



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A Dream To Be With You

    "A few years ago I saw you and I couldn't believe what I was seeing. Ever since that moment you've been on my mind and I cant focus on anything. I can't believe that it's taken me this long to admit but I REALLY like you. When I see you at school my heart leaps and i'm afraid you might hear it. When you say hello I get transproted into another world with just you and me. When we pass eachother in the hall I get as close as I can but it never feels close enough. If you like me can you…


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