July 2014 Blog Posts (5)

Coming Home to La Push

After his final surfing competition, Solomon finished first. I'm was so proud of him, but I couldn't push away that void in my heart for not having my family in my life for almost 12 years. Just imagine that, missing all the marriages, births, deaths, birthdays...

That night we went home and I ended up crying…


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Meeting Solomon

I moved away at about 16, my junior year, unable to take the pain of losing my mother, Sarah. I decided to drive down to California along the coast till I came across Santa Cruz where I was enrolled for high school classes. I had a small one bedroom apartment in a secure building where I stayed when I was in school. …


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Two become Four

June 22nd is a day I'll never forget.  Why you ask, well let me tell you. 

Kim and I had been having a mostly quiet day at home.  Knowing the twins were due any time we hadn't been venturing too far away from home or the Rez.  Kim had a burst of energy that day.   Something both our mom's and Tiffany had warned us could happen a few days before they boys would arrive. Kim was cleaning and organizing. The house was looking fantastic.  I decided to stay out of her way, and…


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Every day I am reminded of the fragility of human life. Today it hits home a little harder than usual because of familial circumstances. The Black family has been integrated into our family and because of Jacob's and Renesmee's relationship we are a true family. Blood is not all that makes a family bond. Today the infant daughter of Tiffany and Billy Black is in my care. She is 2 months premature and her lungs are not yet mature. She is on a ventilator and will be for at least a few days…


Added by Carlisle Cullen MD on July 27, 2014 at 1:37pm — 3 Comments

Change, a return to the old ways.

There has been some chaos in the castle lately.  I fear the relaxed atmosphere that many of the guards have gotten use to is about to change.   More duties, extra hours standing guard.  Chelsea no doubt will be reinforcing the bond everyone has to the masters and their wives.  It's happened before when other guards start to forget their place. 

Mentally I have started to prepare for being sent away on a mission.  It is no doubt what Aro will wish.  The departure will be hard…


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