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Becoming an early riser

  Since lately i've been babysitting Rylee, and I have to get up early is causing me to do it every day.  Today I don't have to babysit but I got up at 6:30 am anyways, because I was hungry. So this morning I got something to eat, watched tv for a while then walked the dogs. Why not walk them now while its nice and cool instead of later in the day when its blistering hot? I can't walk them in that heat, because of a fear of them having a heatstroke, or getting blisters on their feet from the…


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A story of a vampire-werewolf hybrid.

My full name is Ella Aeriale Amethyst Alexus Aquamarine Catalaya Diamond Emerald Pearl Ruby Periodt Sapphire Opal Topaz Turquoise Garnet Black. I have a twin brother names Jacob Black. We were adopted by Rosalie and Emmett Cullen. Me and my brother are a rare hybrid, the first of our kind. We are a cross of a vampire and a werewolf. I am 17 years old, and m birthday is on October 15.

I've been married since I was 13(I know it's crazy). So far, me and my husband, Sam, have had 6 kids.… Continue

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A Canine Awakening

I woke up this morning to my 8 year old dog leaning over me. She shouldn't have this much energy! she is such a handful!

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Weird dream last night

Last night was weird, it actually wasn't really a dream it was more of a nightmare.The reason why its so weird is because Twilight was involved and it usually isn't.

In my dream i moved to forks into a house on my own that was haunted by a demon.On my first day of school i immediately became friends with the cullens, not caring if they were vampires or about the law that human's can't know about he existence of vampires or  the fact that i could get killed by the volturi(yes i know…


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ok so i'm gonna be baby sitting all day today, and Rylee's a little tough sometimes. She's 8 months old i think. She was born October 25th, so i think thats 8 months, but  if i'm wrong please tell me and correct me. but i need something to keep her busy with, what should i do, i lay out a lot of toys for her but she just doesn't have the patience for many of them,she perfers the box its self or the plastic water bottle with pens and pencils in it to play with. what should i do? any one have…


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well this is me.

I have been thinking about how my life is,way to much,I have divorce parents,and 5 young siblings.my mom Kara is going to have a baby in a month,i just had a little sister be born last year,with my step mom.I'm vary close to my step mom,I love her.I have a lot on my mind this Year I get to go to real school and not be home-school,I'm vary scared to start high school vary much.

I have a lot of twilight things that i can't name all *laughs* Team Volturi is what team I'm on…


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ok So for my next blog, i'm gonna be answering questions that you guys ask me about myself. So ask away,every question is welcomed, i don't care if its personal,just don't go to personal please.Ask Me Anything like favorite holiday, color, lucky number, favorite month, favorite school subject(i love school), What are my goals in life, Etc. Just ask away! I don't mind if you ask multiple questions at the same time,but please don't ask the same question someone already asked.

i won't be…


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I know i'm a little late at posting this since it was yesterday,but i couldn't my friends laptop wouldn't let me log in. So Happy Belated fourth of July! I'm uber tired since I didn't get much sleep last night because of the dang fireworks.they were too loud and kept going off till 3 am. Well i hope everyone enjoyed the fireworks, i did, i know some people got a little out of control with the fireworks. My Best friend who i also consider my sister because i've…


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4th of July Tradition

Within each family there are usually heirlooms and traditions which are passed from generation to generation. Our family is no exception. Sure, we have a little different dynamics than usual but the love and respect we have for each other is as normal as any other. 

Esme and I have a special tradition that we never want to let go of. Each year we make the short trip to Forks for the…


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this is me

     Since I was a little late at figuring out that I was accepted, and I was getting a little upset that I wasn't getting accepted, I'm a little new at this, so I'm just too lazy to edit it on my profile, I think that's where you put it.Well I don't know and I don't feel like getting mad at my computer, which is quiet funny, I'll admit it, my friends will literally fall off the couch laughing their butts off because of how I act when my computer freezes,or a pain in the you know what.If you…


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Our love

Sitting in our bedroom I started thinking what love is and well love is the most wonderful feeling you have for the people you care most for in this world, in my case, my friends, family and most importantly my amazing husband and my beautiful daughter, and that is why today I write this letter to him.

June 13th,2012


I know that the words I am about to tell you, you already know them, but I…


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