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Tonight I got jailed on Twitter for the very first time.

@AmyRanker stepped in and created a protest poster to get me freed from behind the bars!Thank you, Amy! I think it worked as I'm 'free' once again!

~ CC…


Added by Carlisle Cullen MD on July 25, 2011 at 7:01pm — 4 Comments

Her Pain, my suffering


Some thoughts after my conversation with Esme

I sit here writing this feeling completely helpless as Esme slips out the back door in search of her own answers under the guise of needing a hunt. She hunted a day or…


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Innocence Lost - Part 3

Innocence Lost - Part 3

As I reached the top of the ladder I saw him. I jumped with a thud, my feet hit the ground running, he was behind me, catching up with great speed. My mind raced. I knew he was one of them, his eyes and feral expression was obvious. I ran like I had never run before, dodging trees, jumping over fallen limbs and rocks until I hit the clearing out behind the church. I didn't dare look behind me, that would just slow me down. I felt myself being lifted as if I…


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Butterflies of Spring


I wander through the house looking for Tia.  I realize she must be over visiting with Kebi.  Since Amun disappeared Kebi has not been her self.  Tia and I are really worried about her.


Looking down at the couch in the living room… I notice Tia has placed an afghan there.  It is an afghan that I made many years ago out of frustration with Amun.  I was a fledgling then.  I was learning to control my “abilities” and how to be a vampire.  Amun was being very…


Added by Benjamin Naifeh Atiyeh on July 13, 2011 at 8:05pm — No Comments

Quiet Time to Reflect...

The castle has been rather quiet as of late.  Demetri and Santiago are off in Switzerland trying to find the truth about what is causing the deaths of humans out there.  There was a hunch that it could be vampires, but they are not certain yet.  I've been in constant contact with Santiago the most over the progress of their mission.  So far, nothing looks promising.  Not much is being found.  With these two guys gone, the castle has been considerably a lot calmer.  Although I am admitting…


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Our Family....What we had, and How we came to be.

I can't remember a time when I didn't know Harry, we grew up together, but we certainly didn't always like each other, a typical boy he would throw rocks at me, then turn around pretending it wasn't him, I remember he even pulled my hair once in the 3rd grade, I shook my little fist at him and I told him if he ever touched my hair again, I'd break his nose, and with a firm nod of my head I walked away, it must of worked to a degree, he sort of left me alone after that.

Of course all… Continue

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Rosalie Hale


At first glance you see the well groomed beauty before you. You think that she is self centered and extremely self confident. If you take a moment and look a little deeper you see a woman that was hurt by persons or things of her past. These things have molded her fiery personality.


Her regrets and choices have created a fierce companion for Emmett. Who…


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Today's Excursion...

This morning, I was graced with having the company of Lady Sulpicia on a horse ride out of the city so I could feed.  However, it wasn't a routine feeding excursion that we'd usually take.  I stumbled upon an e-mail a mortal had sent my way and some of the accusations enraged me.  So, I felt like taking my anger out on a handful of mortals, feeling that if I could torture them and drain them completely while satiating my hunger, I would feel better and at ease.  Wouldn't you know, it did…


Added by Jane Volturi on July 6, 2011 at 1:30am — 2 Comments

What Real Family Is

The Cullens call themselves a real family.  I laugh at that.  It amuses me because, if you look at their "family," it's quite dysfunctional and weird.  How is it that you can all have your mates under one roof and not one of them even has any kind of blood relation?  How can you call that a family?  It's a coven and that's it.

Real family is related by blood. Born of the same mother (not "reborn" from the same maker). I do not call Aro my father. He is my maker. I had a mother…


Added by Jane Volturi on July 2, 2011 at 6:00pm — No Comments

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