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My mom always said life isn't hard on purpose. But i recently found that it is. If life isn't hard how did we make it here. life needs to be hard because if it isn't we might not want to live it. When lifes hard its so much more worth living for. Thhats why we have family, friends, and loved ones. So they keep us from wanting to not deal with difficult things. they tell us through all the good and the bad that they love you no matter what ant thats… Continue

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well its another day isnt it

well yesterday i was up till about 3am just thinking about random stuff like the worst teacher i ever had and things i would say too her if i were to ever see her again..just stupid things like that.

anyway during all that thinking i thought of doing a daily blog

soo thats what im going to do..........even if its just want i did that day

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Rear Ended

*My Mom was able to call the girl and she's gonna take care of it tomorrow.. V_V*

So yeah, I was on my way to my dad's house today when some chick rear ended me. This is what happened:

I'm sitting at the stop light, looking in my rear view and hoping my friend will shut up so I can pay attention when it comes time to turn. Everything was fine and then...


I got rocked forward and then I looked behind me. The girl had wide eyes, obviously sorry.… Continue

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Thoughts At The Moment

Wondering why it is that everytime i believe things are going to go right they seem to go wrong.

how even though i thought you could never be betrayed by family i have time and time again.

So I keep to myself now. I try not to trust many people now. Just so i dont have to deal with the shock or hurt that is sure to come soon after i find out what has happened.

Gosh my world is turned upside down all the time. Why cant i jus have at least one week were i can just have fun… Continue

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Hello everyone, I am a new member to this site. I am totally obsessed with everything Twilight Saga. I read the books many times and every time I read them I feel more addicted then the first time. I follow everything related to this topic. Love all the crew from the movie. I am totally Edward and Bella team, Jacob no offense but you are just the friend and nothing more. I am very glad that there are more people out there that feel the same way. Thank you for having me.

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Not a Good Day

Today I learned one of my patients has liver cancer. I suspected as much when I first touched the dog.Something did not feel right. I did the regular exam, tests, and follow up. It was apparent this was a case that would not end well. I have grown very fond of the patient and the owner. The owner is a good one who does all she can to keep her canine family members healthy. She trusts me with her precious pets. She has a strong tie to her pets. I know delivering such news will devastate her. How… Continue

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life for me

Have you ever felt like you were so confused that you couldnt do anything right? Well, thats what life is like for me.Just here recently I messed big time and now im paying for. I may of hurt the only guy that ever cared about me for some jerk. Ive never messed up this bad. Ive been in alot of "relationships" and Ive never messed one up this bad. Now, I can never get the guy i really want back because of some jerk. -places hand on head- And now the jerk is dating my bestfriend...again. Along… Continue

Added by McKenzie Blake Underwood on June 19, 2009 at 7:47am — 2 Comments

Oh My

I went to the movies today with my boyfriend, his mom, sister and little brother. Went to a buffet at a place

called "Golden Corral". Was pretty nifty there.

We had time before the movie started, so we all went to the mall. Have no video or picture of that time, unfortunately.

Eventually, we got back to the theater. Boyfriend and I saw the new remake of "Taking of Pelham 1 2 3".

That is a must see. Rated R for strong language and violence.

Before… Continue

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Abou Me

Hi my name is Katie my favorite thing to do is listen t music and take walks with my best friend Leah!!! My favorite band is Good Charlotte I ahve all their CDs

Added by katie chamberlain on June 18, 2009 at 6:28am — No Comments

About Me :D

Well I'm a girl of course!! My friends call me Emmett because I'm like the big sibling in my little group and I called it when we were taking Twilight names! I'm obsessed with anything Twilight and so are my completely awesome friends the only one who doesn't is my big brother. I LOVE SUMMER!!!!!!!! What's not to love about it no school, you don't have to wake up early, you can hang out with your friends at the pool,and you don't have to sit with that wired guy in math! I'm in musical theater… Continue

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Hey guys, please go follow @peterfacinelli, so he can win 500,000 votes by June 19, 2009. He really needs your help!! Hello, he's "Carlisle"!!!! That is, go on Twitter and follow him!

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twitter bet please help

hey there! i can't wait to get to know yall! but if you could do me a huge fav and go to and follow@peterfacinelli he's goy a big bet going and his twilight chair is at stake! so thanks!

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The Epic Quote Book!!!

(Britt)"Or worse yet....I can't find my pants!"

(Chels)"I could fall asleep so quickly with the one I love holding me in their arms..." (Britt)"Yea but instead you've got me and Fredrick."

(Chels)"Insta Rob! You just pop him in the microwave and press the Rob button!"

(Chels)"You just drop the tab in the bathtub and the next thing you know you got Insta Rob!" (Britt)"Does he grow clothes?" (Chels)"NO...well maybe pants..." (Britt)"Dang.."

(Britt)"I'll… Continue

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My babies

Baby number one- Kyler Dale Snow
Baby number two- Pepsi Coke Fresca

Baby number three is on the way!!!!
I had just found out... I'll keep my wonderful vampire friends like you updated!

Kyler and I are thinking of names.

Girl- Emry Jade Snow
Boy- Brighton Kale

Any other suggestions?

Added by Peighton Bell Snow on June 16, 2009 at 12:00am — No Comments

I got first place

I got first place woooh!!!

Added by Taiga Vera Vladmira Rogers on June 14, 2009 at 9:42pm — No Comments

What I want to be

Ever since I was 3 years old I have always been asked what I wanted to be

At age 5 I went to a catholic school

The Nun asked me what I wanted to be and i simply replied:

A vampire! And the nun spanked my hand and called me the devils child

I've never like religion since then *smiles*

As I grew older those feelings grew deeper

Soon I became outcasts to many and picked on

But only a few children decided to get to know me better

Soon my dehydrated flower… Continue

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To Emily and Sam on their wedding day

I just wanted to take a minute to thank Emily and Sam for letting me share in their wedding day. This is a wonderful and amazing time for you, and I am just so happy for you both. Congratulations on a long and happy life together.


The key to love is understanding…..

The ability to comprehend not only the spoken word

But those unspoken gestures

The little things that say so much by themselves.

The key to love is forgiveness…..

To… Continue

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I have been fighting over what to wear for awhile... I've made up my mind! FINALLY!!
This dress: (everyone like it especially Kenz)
With these shoes:
These earrings:
And this necklace:

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Are You Sure You Really Want To Know?

What should we call you? Carlisle or Dr. Cullen

Whats your favorite kind of soda? I don't know. I've never had 'soda' before

What kind of car do you drive? Mercedes Benz

What is the last song you listened to? Annie's Song by John Denver

Are you a neat freak or a slob? If you lived in this house, you'd be a neat freak like me. Esme commands order *Laughs*

What's your favorite veggie? Elk

Do you drive like a Cullen? I believe that… Continue

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Love is a very intriging aspect. Sometimes we find it, sometimes it finds us. We never know when we will find it, but wait for it. For those of us who have never experienced true love like Bella and Edward, we can only escape in our dreams. Hopefully we will find love again, as some of us have experienced that love has been lost and don't know if we will ever find it again. Maybe with some of us, love has drifted off and is waiting at some time to re-introduce itself. One can only hope.

Added by cecilia a carson on June 11, 2009 at 9:05pm — 3 Comments

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