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Something is just not right...

I'm on edge.

Something is just not right. I cannot pinpoint it and it's starting to drive me a little bit mad.  I have that uneasy feeling that we're being watched yet when I go patrol the area, there is nothing. Not a scent, not a leaf out of place, not a sound that I have not heard before. I need to discuss this with the others. I need to know if anyone has seen or heard anything unusual. Perhaps I am simply in need of a change of scenery and should take Esme and go visit with our…


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A Gift of Giving

To me, life has always been about finding ways to give back. If there is anything that I can do, with this special life I have to help out others, I am there to do it. Donating my time, money or whatever is asked is a great joy to me. To have Carlisle in agreement with me on this point makes it even more of a blessing. We often look for ways and places that need a helping hand. In our time we have donated books and supplies to many schools around the globe, helped to set up water…


Added by Esme Anne Cullen on April 23, 2014 at 6:13pm — 1 Comment


Around the world many families have just celebrated Easter and like so many other special occasions, families reunite and spend much needed time together. At least that is what we aim to do, but as hard as we try... Sometimes things do not always work out.

We are an example of one such family this year... After decades of celebrating holidays, birthdays, anniversaries and the like, this year we couldn't have been further apart. Well physically speaking that is... With Tanya away…


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Sharing the world...

It's easy to forget how little my sweet Corin has seen of the world.  Her father never let her out to see the world.  And once she was changed, he kept her prisoner.  Part of that may have been due to her having such an addictive gift.  One that use to cause me to limit the time I spent near her.  Over the years with practice she has been able to control it more and more.  She has learned such control with her gift that she can now share with me how she is feeling.  It's quite extraordinary,…


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Seussical the Musical

This is a picture of me and my friends Jade Conkle, and Nicole Nicolet we were all just recently in a play at our High School called Seussical the Musical it is a play based on the stories of different books and characters by Dr. Seuss.  We played The Wickersham Brothers. I am the one in the light blue singlet and dark blue hat. …


Added by Holly E. Hansford on April 13, 2014 at 4:00pm — No Comments

My Transformation


Trudging along the road from Innishannon to Cork, It seemed a much longer road then what it is now, all those long years ago.  I had overheard a conversation in Innishannon that there maybe work and now that the grandparents had passed away, there was nothing keeping me in the village.  Trying to keep momentum and the horrible thoughts of dying alongside the road at bay.   My only chance at survival was to make it to Cork or maybe Cobh.  Maybe work in a workhouse and either leave…


Added by Margaret Laura O'Shea on April 9, 2014 at 9:56pm — 1 Comment

My Human Life

By Margaret Laura O’Shea


Life was not easy for the Irish during the 1840’s, mine was no different.

My father was a shop keeper in a small town.  My mother kept the books for him.  We the children took pride in helping him stock the shelves, sweep the floors, and other such things.

In 1845, the first wave of the great famine hit Ireland.  My father could see that it may be a good time to move out of the area or leave the country…


Added by Margaret Laura O'Shea on April 1, 2014 at 9:20pm — No Comments

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