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One year and looking ahead to many more.

Can it really be a year, one year since I stood in front of my family and friends and promised till death do us part to the love of my life Jacob Black.

Yes it’s really been a year of being Mrs Black and I would love to say it was just a year of awesomeness, but let’s be honest here. It’s marriage and yes it can be hard.


I mean you have two people learning to share one space like all the time and even though since the first time I entered the world we have been…


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New Moon- Partial Draft (Edward POV)

Typical. I could hear Alice's thoughts beaming from the other room and I groaned. "You know this won't go well." Bella didn't want a party. She had been very insistent on us not acknowledging her birthday at all. Of course, all of us would have to compromise. All but Alice it seemed.  

"She'll love it." This wasn't exactly true either. Alice knew Bella would only halfheartedly enjoy the gathering, despite how much she always appreciated everything done for her. Alice had seen this in…


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Cold Nights- Bella POV

I softly kicked my feet at the quilt wrapped around me. It's presence was at minimum, unsatisfactory. . The quilt was a compromise and although it was necessary for both my health and comfort I disliked it. No matter how close I was allowed, that was possible, I was not the slightest bit appeased. I pressed my head to the cold stone chest that was undoubtedly Edward Cullen, his smooth fingertips moved up my back to entangle in my hair. I…


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Hello everyone. Happy fall. It has been a long trying year. I have been keeping an eye on the family, but things have gotten crazy here therefore keeping me from the computer as much. …


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 I don't know what I had expected to come from this. What it was I wanted for this life I was forced to endure. The hopeless demeanor I had spiraled into had left no room for pointless thought or dreams. It had seemed that, I was hibernating. Simple getting through each day blankly, my mind as absent as my body would allow it to become. I often feel myself slipping back into this mind set in which I had once lived, my mind wondering back into it's hibernating state.

 Fear has found…


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Some things come easy for others. Some things come harder for the rest. But how long will it take for me to find the one girl that I need? I hear from the others how its wonderful to have found the other half of themselves. I just I feel like I am never going to find the other half of me. I would love to have the adventures that my friends half I would love to see and feel the love that they have. I just don't have the patience for it thought, I guess. The adventures that I will have will be…


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Me and my boys

I have lived my entire life alone. My father's side of the family doesn't want anything to do with me and my mother's side just adore me. But what I can I say? I am truly adorable *laughs* With what is going on I needed some boys time. I do enjoy spending time with my brothers and their wives or imprints but what about me? I will try to find her someday but for now I have my family. My best friend, Colin Littlesea, had finally come home. I am so glad that he is here with me to enjoy life…


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Journal ~ Aliikai

I can't believe she is  2 days short of 3 months old. It feels like just yesterday she was born. 

I feel like I never get sleep anymore, but I honestly wouldn't have it any other way right now. For not even knowing if I would be a good mother and not sure I even wanted a child, I can't believe I ever thought that. Yes, I still get scared that I am not doing everything I can and should for her, or that something is missing from her life that she needs, but whenever I express that to…


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Time Flies

Time flies. 

I Didn't believe it at first, but it seemed like Yesterday that I was walking into the doors of a brand new school as a Freshman, but soon, I'll be walking through the same old doors for the fourth year, as a Senior, about to graduate. 

I never really fully realized that I was gonna be a senior until this morning, when I was doing my make up, in the same dress that I was gonna wear under my cap and gown, for my Senior pictures, that I was finally a Senior…


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A moment in time... circa 1946


My throat burned with anticipation as I arrived at the house. My body was being overtaken by bloodlust and revenge was all I knew at this moment. I barged into the house, a scream filling the air as a young woman took in my appearance. I could just imagine what she saw; a breathtakingly beautiful woman with devilish red eyes and long dark hair, wearing a flowing white wedding…


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Well, It's been a long time

 Wow..It's been so long since my last login. So much has changed..In my life, an as well as the site as I can see, and I can't wait to explore the new changes. 

Many things in my life have changed, just to keep this short and sweet since I have an AP U.S History to work on, I'll just make a short list..

  1. I've recently turned 18
  2. I no longer have my dogs,as they had to be put down because of how much pain they were in, and it wasn't fair to make them…

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Father's Day

Every country has their own variation of Father's Day, a day to celebrate either being a father or honoring your own father. My memories will fail with time, so I find it important to write about my life and my family who have since left the realm of the living.

My father wasn't a rich man, but he took care of us. He taught me the value of hard work and was wiser than most. He always treated my mother with respect, which was somewhat rare back in the 1700s as women technically…


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//This is what went through my mind following my visit with Charles's sister, Sienna.//

Perhaps traveling to Denmark was not the wisest choice. Then again, it completely opened my eyes up to the underlying issues that resided between Charles and myself. Charles avoided the topic of Denmark for decades. Any time I brought up visiting, he would shoot down the idea. Part of me understood his reasons. His family did not know about…


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Heading to Denmark

It was a bit unsettling not knowing what I was going to get Charles for his birthday. Both his birth into the world as a human and his birth as a vampire were just days apart. I had gotten Charles some extravagant gifts over the years, including trips that took us all around the world. Out of all the places Charles and I have traveled to throughout the years, we had yet to take a trip to Denmark. He never said it outright, but he always found a way to avoid Denmark…


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The Story of Julliette Rose

Before you read this, please read the prologue:

My name is Julliette Rose. Just Julliette Rose. No last name. And this is my story.

It all started when I was three. My mother and father were always fighting. Or rather, my father was always beating up my mother. Until one day, he…


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The Story of Julliette Rose [Prologue]

My name is Julliette Rose. And I would like to begin my story with a poem I wrote about my life.

Dear Mama,

Today I am ten.

I wish more than anything

To see you again.

I wish I wasn't stupid

I wish I wasn't ugly.

Then maybe you'd come…


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To Be Loved (Alice and Jasper Fanfic)

Alice's POV

I sat at the bar of Finch's diner. A little girl was having her birthday there. I, of course, watched the festivities to keep my mind off a certain somebody. 

Until he walked in. I stared a moment and then hopped off the bar stool and sauntered over to the honey-blonde man. He gaped at me a moment, then regained his composure. "You've kept me waiting a long time." He ducked…


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You know, I've always wondered if it were true. The Fairy Tales and horror stories of the world. Vampires, Werewolves. I've lived all over the world, and now I have absolutely no doubt that there has to be some type of immortality. And these two explanations seem very legit nowadays. That, or I've completely lost touch with reality. I'm very sure it's the first one. I am now feeling slightly scared that I may miss out on the chance for immortality in this life. I'd very much like to explore…


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New York. New York.

It’s hardly a secret that I like the attention of men, whether mortal or immortal it doesn’t really matter to me. Though of course, immortal men are rare so majority of the time I find myself in the company of human males. I have always….liked…the mortal men I spend time with but it isn’t often that it was more than that and once it became a danger for me and my family I break ties and move on with ease and very little heartache on my part.


Unfortunately it was not so easy…


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