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A moment in time... later in 1943

I walked into the open courtyard, the scent of lavender in the air. The sun shown brightly in the early afternoon sky and the weather was comfortable. A table was set up in the middle of the courtyard, fresh tea and croissants laid out for a small brunch. I placed a lock of dark hair behind my ear as I sat down at the table. I took a sip of my freshly brewed Earl Grey tea, savoring the flavor. Ah, the taste of freedom.




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A moment in time... circa 1943

I sighed softly to myself as I hand washed the dishes in the sink, trying to keep my mind occupied. Anton was away at work and I always enjoyed my time alone to myself. Whenever Anton was around, I felt on edge. It was not until he would leave for the day that I felt more myself. Even then, I hadn’t truly felt like myself since before the wedding. At first things were alright in the marriage. I chose to look past certain things and prayed that I would eventually love Anton. But…


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A moment in time.. later in 1942.

Later that year...

I lay in bed, my heart pounding in my chest. My hand covered my eyes as I tried to take deep breaths, still in shock at the event that took place earlier during the day. A whisper escaped my lips as the realization began to set in.


“I got married today.”


The day had gone by in a blur. My mother and…


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A moment in time... circa 1942

Have you ever dreamed of a future for yourself, one where you made all your own decisions and were perfectly content, only to realize that it would never happen? I certainly have.


It had been a couple of months since I met the boy my father wanted me to marry. I admit, at first I did carry a bit of a torch for the boy. There was something about him that intrigued me. As time went on and we began to go on…


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A moment in time… circa 1941

“Makenna, come in here. There is someone we would like you to meet.” I made my way down the hallway of the house, humming softly to myself. As I entered the dimly lit living room, I was taken aback by a young man sitting amongst my family. I ran a hand through my hair, trying to smooth down the soft waves that cascaded down my back. As I entered, the young man and my father rose from their seats, greeting me. There was a moment of silence, then my father spoke.

“Makenna, we would… Continue

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A moment in time… circa 1989

Livid, I slammed the door to the apartment, the frame cracking a bit from the force. I drop my purse, screaming out in a fury. A vase I acquired from the 1800’s suddenly ends up in my hands and I throw it across the room, making it crash into the wall. Glass spreads out across the floor in thousands of pieces. I run a hand through my long dark hair, sighing angrily. That horrid broad placed her hands on my Charly. How dare…


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new year 2015

Time for a new start in a new year,looking forward to what's ahead!!

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So Christmas

I was inspired by Garrett's post to tell you how my Christmas was.  Christmas used to be my favorite holiday.  Trees, lights, food, and especially family.  I would get excited every year but then several things happened.  First, I worked retail for 20 years.  And the last 10 years kind of just took all the happiness out of Christmas for me.  It is too commercialized. Adults who should know better, and remember what Christmas truly is about, are entitled, rude, disrespectful, and spoiled.…


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Blue Christmas

I know many people suffer from sadness around the holidays. Vampires are no exception. I know none of my children are alive any longer, but this is an especially hard time of year because my little Anne passed on Christmas morning exactly 237 years ago. It's a long time I know, but a parent never gets over a loss like that.Tomorrow will be the 237th anniversary of me being drafted into the Revolutionary War. So, I get especially melancholy around this time as this is when I also saw my…


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Am I ready to be a mother?

Tiffany and Rachel insisted that I go to the ER during our Christmas shopping in Seattle, Washington. I had been getting sick to my stomach for the past weeks and I knew they were worried; it was a good thing Leo was in Hawaii at a surfing conference so he would not be worried too. 

I am not a fan of hospitals, at all. They remind me of death, of my mother. As I sat in the exam room, waiting for my test results to be delivered by Doctor Edward Cullen, I held Rachel's hand…


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Tiffany’s Journal 11-9-2014

November 9, 2014


Hello dear friend. It is time I turn again to you to sort out what is going on.

The time has come for me to go back to work. Aerie is 15 weeks old, although since she was 8 weeks premature, she is developmentally at about 7 weeks. She had a check up Friday and weighs 9.9 pounds and is 15.9 inches long. She is growing and healthy and I cannot be happier or prouder. Billy too. I think this year we will have a lot to be thankful for at the…


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The Return of My Brother

Just when I began to believe that Alec wouldn't ever return to Volterra, he surprises me by returning.  I am elated that he is back.  I've spent countless months...almost a year all alone.  Since he had left, I was never really myself.  My brother is the other half of the puzzle.  The other half of my life.  Without him, everything just becomes dull and lifeless.  When he left, I felt as if I was in my own solitary shell.  Nobody would come and visit me.  Nobody would invite me out.  It was…


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Happiness and Sorrow

Weddings are joyful. They should be. They're a celebration of unity. The Cullens and the Blacks are the true definition of unity. They were once enemies and now they are family. I wonder what the future will bring. It really is a good day.

However, I cannot help but feel a tinge of sorrow. I could tell Edward was saddened to let go of his daughter, but at the same time proud. So, I couldn't help but think of my children. 

I was robbed of them when I was turned.…


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How do I get time to fast forward.

As I am sitting at my desk in my room, I look around. I have the wedding planner open on my lap and slowly sipping the tea Jake made me before he had to go out on patrol.

Two more Days then I will be Mrs Renesmee Black, I can't wait and every time I think about it my heart want's to explode from excitement.

Everything is set, from the corner of my eye I can see the dress bag with my wedding dress in my cupboard. I softly laugh to myself as I think of the hard time I had to…


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Summer Break is Over

I had a rocking summer! I did go down to California as planned and just relaxed. It's nice having "me" time and the drive was lovely. Now it is back to reality.

School started. I was extremely nervous but the first week just passed. All of my nerves flew out the window as I got to know my students. I am teaching Music Appreciation and choir. I was nervous about not having enough students interested in choir to join, but I was wrong. Many people joined on the first day. Even…


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We finally got the call we had been waiting for, we could take Aerie home. I could barely contain my excitement as we drove. Our baby was finally coming home with us and we could start this next chapter in our life.  For more than three weeks, really, since we found out we were pregnant, it has felt as if life was on hold, waiting for this tiny human being to join us, as if it cemented the dream come true.


I knew the kids had already fallen in love with her. The had been so…


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I sit here in this strange house, away from my home in Voltera. Away from my family.  Alone on a fools mission.  Sent away by Master Aro, though this is a far kinder punishment than what Master Caius would have given out. 

I have taken several weeks to travel to my first destination.  Avoiding human contact as much as I can.  Aro sent me to track down someone. This…


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The Effects of War

I am going to be honest and say that the war tore me from my family. They came to get me the day after Christmas. Two soldiers came to my door as my wife and I were arranging the funeral for our youngest child, which I did not get to attend. All of the sadness and anger I felt, I took out on the battlefield. It wasn't my decision to go and fight, but it was my duty.

War changes you. Things you never thought you could ever do, you end up having to do. I wasn't raised a violent…


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My Plans

On August 16th, I am going on a solo road trip. I plan on driving down the coast for 6 days. Originally, I wanted to make it down to San Diego, but I think I am just going to go as far south as San Francisco. I have never been there and have always wanted to go. Here are my plans so far for my "me-cation".

Day 1

Leave at 6am and head down 101. I will be stopping in Tillamook, OR for lunch with my cousin, who lives there. We will visit for a couple of hours as well,…


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